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My name is Brandi Marie. Better known as Marie Yovcheva, if you've seen any of my videos, are on any of my social media sites (Facebook, Fan page, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn), or have read one of my blogs.


I came from a place called Portsmouth, Virginia. I went to high school graduated with honors & had a job from 16 years old. Normal American life, nothing really special.


Anyway, fast forward to when I was 19. I was working at my first job as a deckhand, when I met a guy from Bulgaria back in April 2006. We dated through the summer & when October came, I just kinda invited myself to tag along with him since his work visa was up. Went in Bulgaria & I LOVED it!


From 2006 til now, we had moved quite a bit from Bulgaria, UK, & USA. In between all of this we got married in '08,  he got his Green Card, & me, well... I got my Bulgarian ID card AND a visa to live/work in the UK.


It wasn't until February 2014 that I was introduced to the world of network marketing by my mother in law. She had been BEGGING me for months to work with her in her “new business” I kept brushing her off telling her “It's a pyramid scheme” “I know how this works” “Those never work” and so forth.

She eventually dragged me to a presentation & all I remember was this guy saying....

I bought my 4th new car in cash, shut down both of my restaurants and now live freely.....


That was it! That's all I needed to hear! Next thing I know my mother in law is paying for me to join my first network marketing company! I was totally excited because I couldn't wait to buy me a new car in cash and go do whatever I wanted in life.


So they sent me home to London a few weeks later and that's where I found out network marketing was much harder than I thought it to be.


After months of throwing my links around, begging everyone I knew, putting free ads out, & telling people you need to buy this & join me, we're gonna be rich, I had probably only sold about 5 products & recruited ZERO new team members.


Disappointed, frustrated & confused, I went back to the drawing board. I started to research this “Network Marketing” stuff. There had to be something I was missing...


I found some free videos, webinars & all the information I could. I started to think that I needed a sales funnel. I ended up buying one that had everything, I could create my capture pages, it had an auto responder, tracking, plus I could promote any business with this magical tool!


Me & Hubby-Perperikon, Bulgaria

Eager to start making something, I set it up & was very proud too, as I am most definitely am not a technical person!


Days passed & nothing much happened. I didn't understand... Now what was I doing wrong??  I needed traffic to it-Otherwise it just sits in cyber space.


Well the person I bought my funnel from happened to offer an internet training course too. Perfect!  Again I spent some cash, got me that course & started to hit the books. I dug into the internet marketing world hard.


I started to do videos, which I was petrified of doing. Then I decided to blog too, that way I'd be on a blog, YouTube & then I could start doing some PPC ads & get an auto-poster to spam the groups like everyone else was doing. If they are doing it & succeeding (which I assumed they were) then this has got to be the answer I've been looking for!!


I did this for months & I ended up spending more on my ads, programs, courses & auto-poster than I was bringing in. I did finally get leads in and some sign ups.

Lunch with some team mates-London

But after the “free week trial” my so-called team left! What the heck was going on?! I couldn't believe it.


I was doing everything that all the other “successful” marketers were doing. So why was my cash flow negative? It wouldn't be til a year later that I would start to understand this industry...


Finally a friend, I met on Facebook through this industry, saw I needed help big time. He actually almost deleted me because every hour he'd get that notification that I posted in 100's of groups!


We had always talked casually about things that interested us, like photography, food & how man has messed it up, some network events we been to, & our animals. Then one day came the business talk.


He asked how was it going & what I was doing. I told him honestly that I needed help. He shared with me his experiences & how he had success in the internet marketing world, (recruited about 84 people in 90 days!) but his team was suffering; He said that although he was great at recruiting, his team wasn't getting anywhere.


He felt like his marketing business had become another J.O.B. because he had to constantly keep bringing in new people; therefore he decided to start with a clean plate & build a real empire & have all the team be just as successful.


Of course I was curious as to what he was doing, so he sent the video. I watched all 18 minutes and I LOVED the idea! I wouldn't be selling pills & supplements now, I'd be going on vacation and getting paid, I was made for this!!!


I knew I wanted to join & work with him. I showed my husband, who had this look on his face like “Really, ANOTHER one?!” My husband, I doubt really paid much attention to the whole video, but all he said was “why you wanna do this one, what's going to be different if you work with this guy now?”


All I remember was I told him I'm going to do it, its travel, much more fun, for me personally, than selling the pills that I was. So he said “Okay, do whatever” I didn't have all the money to join right then. In fact I had to save for about a month and a half or so.

Me & Hubby-New York City

After I joined, had this great mentor who was asking me stuff that no-one ever did, & teaching me, like really spending 4-5+ hours a day on Skype showing me what to do.


I was finally learning how to connect with new people, how to invite, present, close & teach new members all of it but not just the "how to" part, but more importantly "how to" in a way that duplicates!


I felt like now, this is going to get me where I want to be! I joined in September 2014.... the next month in October I went home. I was severely depressed living in the UK. I really did hate everything. So from October to February I was back in Portsmouth.


I started the 1st month or so working on my business, but eventually I stopped all together. Then again it was time to renew my Bulgarian ID card in February.


The whole time I was away from the UK all I knew was I did NOT want to go back to London. I hated working 6 days a week, hated my living situation (which was with 5 other Bulgarians in 1 house, 1 bath), hated that the last 3 years I had been without a summer or going to the beach, I had no friends here. I felt isolated.

Me & Hubby-La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, Spain

So from February to April I stayed happily in Bulgaria awaiting my papers. I didn't really care, to be honest, how long those documents would take.


During those months, something hit me over the head hard. I was like... I have this great travel opportunity, the company is awesome, my mentor is extremely patient & willing to keep lecturing & guiding me...why not just do it?!


That was it, April I got serious! I started doing the crazy things my mentor told me to do from the beginning. I started talking to people again online, & started to even try to help my mother in law who was still doing the pill business.


Then I had to return to the horrible little cloudy island known as the United Kingdom. I got my 6 day a week job back within the 1st few days & after about a week, it was like I had never left for those 6 blissful months...


Things started to be alright, but went down again quickly. I felt my depression coming back after a while, I even stopped my affirmations.


I kept telling my husband I want to quit my job. My goal was by September 1st to quit. But since I had kept saying it every day, he finally said “So quit” I couldn't believe what I was hearing. “Really?!” “Yea, go ahead”, he confirmed. So I did. I quit in August.


Our company was having a training event in Barcelona, & I wanted to go, so I had quit the day before we left for it. We got back from Spain & I had all the time in the world to now focus on only building the business.


I thought I would blow it up. Truth was I had quite a few people tell me yes.... but had some excuse as to why they couldn't join now.

“I wanna finish school”

“I need to save the money”

“I need to focus on this course”

“I want my health better first”

“I want to build up my primary business first”

or whatever... then I had so many green personality color type ask for more information...which took them months to comb through, then had one person even say he didn't understand the product (after I had given him absolutely everything there is on the company, product, comp plan etc.) there was honestly nothing more I could give him!


Even though I have been on this roller-coaster journey for about 1.5 years, I believe in network marketing as a whole.


This industry can give anyone in the world an opportunity to live out their dreams, no matter how big or small. Networking gives you an opportunity to truly have the time & freedom that most people are looking for & a chance to get out of the “normal 9-5 rat race.” It also gives you a chance to help change other people’s lives for the better!

Training with part of the team- Orlando, Florida

I believe my particular company is my forever home because not only of the fact that I can travel & experience things on my bucket-list, but because of the leadership in this company; they work so much on personal development to get their reps to become the person who can lead a team to success. Why give all that up to go back working for someone else, trading my time for a lousy pay-check? In my heart I know I'd never truly be happy doing that. I'd rather build this business, leading a strong team.


I have a vision of our team being known for the one that duplicates & succeeds the most; the one where our members are continuously getting recognized on stage for their work. The team that goes on the most vacations together, one that changes the people who get involved, not only by a better life-style, but to become a better person, (just like it's doing to me).

Family trip-London

I hope you learn something out of this site. I wouldn't want you to go through as much of an emotional roller coaster in this industry as I have, but I think most people will anyhow, because to get to success you write your own personal journey of how you get there.


If you are at a point in your business where you feel like you are just spinning your wheels, or are completely lost, don't worry because you can still succeed in this industry-I know, I've been there & now am starting to gain momentum & see some success-& so can you!


This is the simplest business I've ever seen, although it is not easy... It's like running a marathon-you keep putting one foot in front of the other-and eventually you'll finish the race.

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