4 Reasons Your Leads Aren’t Buying From You

Do you have the perfect offer or product, plenty of leads, but your leads just aren’t converting into paying customers? If you feel your leads aren’t buying like they should be, there could be 4 possible explanations as to why they aren’t paying for your stuff. But first I’d like to give you the average conversation rates. Many marketers think- “Hey I’ve got 10 opt-ins, but no one buying yet… What’s the deal?!”

Average Conversion Rates

The first type of interaction is one on one. That can be in person, on the phone, a Skype call, a Facebook call, Face-time, etc. This is the most personal and the highest converting type of interaction. The average for this is around 20%-30% meaning out of every 10 people you should have, on average, 2-3 people say yes to your offer.

Another way of getting your information and offer out is live webinars. This is second best because you can still interact personally with people. You can ask them questions, answer theirs, and talk directly to them, but instead of just speaking with 1-2 people, webinars give you an option of talking to 100’s or thousands of people at once! The average conversion rate for this is around 10%-15%.

Automated webinars is the next option. Now this isn’t personal anymore but is still a great way to keep your information out there 24/7 for people to see on their own time schedule. This has a lesser average because you’re taking the personal interaction out. The average conversion for this is 6%-10%.

The last option I want to talk about is the sales letter or sales video. Obviously this is the least personal way you can show someone your offer, and because of this, the average conversion is only 1%-2%.

Now that you understand a bit more about the averages of each way to convert your leads into paying customers, let’s talk about the reasons you’re not converting, shall we? ๐Ÿ˜‰

leads aren't buying

Why Your Leads Aren't Buying Into Your Offer Or Products

The first issue could be your message to market is a mis-match. Either your marketing message is fantastic but you’re targeting the absolute wrong type of customer OR you are targeting the perfect customer, but your marketing message is wrong or way to sales-y! Too many marketers are thinking about “convincing” someone to buy, buy, BUY their stuff, when actually you should be focused on informing and educating your target audience.

When your focus is about helping others and off “making money,” you’ll be surprised at how much people start coming to you and asking about your business or products! I speak from experience- I used to only think about how can I make the money? And that got me nowhere and at that time I seemed desperate and like a salesman. Then I just started asking people questions and trying to help them with their business. The result?? I got more customers for my other products and I also had people coming to me asking me for my primary MLM! Pretty awesome, huh?!

Your goodwill bank account is low on credits! What exactly does this mean? Well it means you’re just pitching and trying to get people to buy without you first giving something! You can’t just expect people to buy from you if all you are doing is taking. You must give first before you receive. That means you can help them personally, give them a freebie or by creating useful content for them. If you’ve followed the successful marketers, take a look at what they do-they offer things and later ask for the sale.

The other problem could be you have no follow-up or bad follow-up. Follow up is one of the most critical steps when getting customers or recruiting. If you just show your offer and think your job is done, you are wrong. You must always follow up at some point if your customer doesn’t give a definite answer right when you show them. Your follow up can be in person or any online method. Even follow up emails are a way to keep up with your prospect…

Which leads me to the last issue-Your angle is the same!!!

I see many new marketers getting out there and when they get a “No thanks”, a few days later or perhaps a month or so later, ask again for the same offer, the same exact way. The first time asking isn’t an issue, but when you keep asking and keep asking for the same thing-it gets annoying. I’ve actually had this happen to me recently. I was speaking with a fellow marketer who asked me if I use their company products. I said no.. The next time I spoke with them, it was same. They asked if I used their company products and when I said “No” they asked why and tried to pitch….

Think of it like this-Your mom asks you if you’d like some milk. You say “No thanks mom, not thirsty.” 30 Minutes later she asks “Hun, would you like a glass of milk?” What are you going to think… She’s crazy right? I just said no…

But if the second time she asks “I just made a blue berry pie, you want a piece?” Now that isn’t annoying, that’s just another question. But you’re not in the mood for pie, so you say no. Then an hour later she says- “I just made a fresh batch of chocolate chip cookies, you want some?” Now you’re in the mood for chocolate cookies, so you say “YES, I’d love some!” Now you’re eating those and guess what, you’re getting thirsty… so your mom asks you now “Would you like a glass of milk?” And what’s your reply now? “YES! Milk goes great with cookies, I think I’ll have a glass!”

What did your mom just do? She just sold you milk, which was her primary objective!! But she did it in a different way, not just repeatedly asking the same question over and over….

That is a different angle! And your marketing needs to also be a variety of different ways and offers, so when you get a “No thanks” you can go a different route and possibly a different offer to later get them to go to your primary. Makes sense?

Final Thoughts

Now that you understand the average conversion rates, you don’t have to stress when you know that you have 10 people opting in, but not buying. You also see the different possible reasons of why your leads aren’t buying. If you would like more in depth awesome marketing information or just need another offer to add to your portfolio, then click the banner below!



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