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I'm Brandi Marie (or just Marie) and I'm from the United States, although at the moment am living in the UK with my husband, who's Bulgarian! I'm a network marketer and hobbyist photographer. I've traveled a lot through out many places in Bulgaria from 2006, been up and down the east coast of the States and a few places in England. As you see, I really love to travel and explore new places and things-(Check out some of my travels here). Usually when we're traveling I've got the camera in my hand, this is where my photography comes in!

In the business world I strive for success and want to help others succeed in their business as well. Everyday I'm learning new things and sharing my knowledge with you, so you can reach your goals and live out your dreams.

I am a believer of dreams and I believe in network marketing as a whole. This industry can give anyone in the world an opportunity to live out their dreams, no matter how big or small. Networking gives you an opportunity to truly have the time and freedom that most people are looking for and a chance to get out of the “normal 9-5 rat race.” It also gives you a chance to help change other peoples lives for the better!

I believe my particular company is my forever home because not only of the fact that I can travel and experience things on my bucket-list with them, but because of the leadership in this company; they work so much on personal development to get their reps to become the person who can lead a team to success. Why give all that up to go back working for someone else, trading my time for a lousy paycheck? In my heart I know I’d never truly be happy doing that. I’d rather build this business, leading a strong team. I have a vision of our team being known for the one that duplicates and succeeds the most; the one where our members are continuously getting recognized on stage for their work. The team that goes on the most vacations together, one that changes the people who get involved, not only by creating a better life-style, but to become a better person, (just like it’s doing to me)!

I'm always open to connecting with people and building friendships, so if you would like to get in touch with me, you can connect with my Facebook Fan Page here. Looking forward to helping you follow your dreams and living out a life full of success!

All the best,

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-Marie Yovcheva