All Work & No Play? 3 Tips On Creating Balance Between Life and Business

Are you the type of person to work, work, work, hit a goal, work, work, work…and the cycle keeps repeating? If you are, this is going to drain you and eventually you will need like a whole week off! How do I know? Because I used to do. I’d  worked, meet a goal, and go on to the next task without taking a break or celebrating the mini goals accomplished then I’d be either mentally exhausted or frustrated and take a week off. Understand when you keep going without a break you become unproductive as well;  I understand you probably want to become a top earner in your company and get that residual income, but every successful person I’ve heard always says the same concept; “Enjoy the journey and celebrate your smaller goals”

When you’re building a business you need balance in your life as you cannot constantly be on the go. Don’t feel guilty for taking time to enjoy life; and don’t feel guilty for doing things that need to get done (laundry, cooking, taking care of your family, grocery shopping, ect) There are some normal life routines that need to get done, after all you’re still human and you need to eat and have clean clothes, don’t ya? I’ll give you a 3 tips on how you can create a bit of balance:

  • Whenever you hit a mini goal-celebrate it!!! Go to a movie, get an ice-cream with your kids, take an hour and go have fun with your spouse or take them to dinner, just something to celebrate the fact you hit your little goal and knowing you are moving towards the bigger goal
  • Have a “work” time. If you’re lucky enough to ONLY work on your business, then do it as if you were going to a job. Have set hours; if you like the normal 9-5, do that, if you like to sleep in (like me) then start your work time from 12-7 or whatever feels right for you. Just set a specific time to actually do money making activities and the rest of the time you have to cook and clean and take care of the kids, just like a normal “job”. If you are working part time on your business, do the same, although the time may be a bit shorter. Maybe after your normal J.O.B. you can set 7-9 to work on your business. You don’t have to invest a bunch of time to get your business running, I know people who started doing it only 4 hours per week, and eventually did it full time. So don’t worry about being “part-time” for now.
  • Have at least ONE day off. I mean completely off. Turn off your phone, emails, messenger, stop checking your blog stats or video stats, stop wondering what next week is going to look like, in fact, don’t think at all about business. Take a day and do what you like to do or spend time with your family. Even God took one day to rest, didn’t he? Same here, because it will help you be refreshed for the coming week.

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