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The goal in network marketing is to build your team AKA “down-line” Many new network marketers just try and get everyone they possibly can into their business, instead of building a strong foundation. If your marketing business is something you want to do for a long time and are taking it serious, then remember: Quality VS Quantity. With just a few key people, your business can explode, but with a bunch of just “any-bodies” your business could crash and burn. Therefore, let’s discuss a few points here so you can build a strong foundation and have a “Dream Team”

  • Gather the best possible players! The better your people, the greater the team’s potential for success will be. I know that most of you are thinking “Well I don’t know any super-stars”… and that’s okay. What I mean by this is look for people who have the greatest potential to become super-stars. Who has the most determination, a burning desire for something greater than what they are currently doing, great people skills, or who has a strong belief/passion for your vision or someone who has a similar vision to yours? That is how you’ll find those great players to add to your team for the most benefit.
  • Do things together as a team. The team that plays together-stays together! You need to connect with your team mates so you can build a strong bond with each other. I finally met my mentor after a year and 4 months. The way we built a bond was initially thru Skype. We not only talked about business, but the things we had in common.  My other team mate and I just met this past month. We build a bond by going out for coffee frequently and then dinner. We talked about other things than just business, but now we are all also planning to go to the next big training event together. We play, learn, and do business together, a bond that can not easily be broken!
  • Empower your member with responsibility. Each person needs to take responsibility for their own business so it can continue to grow. In the beginning my mentor would give me “homework”… and sometimes I hated him for it, but I can now say I am defiantly thanking him! Without this personal responsibility of watching this or doing that, I would still be stuck at square one. Make sure you give your team “homework” and hold them accountable for actually doing it!
  • Give credit where it belongs. This industry is not a “me-show” Because without others, your success would not be possible. Giving recognition to others will help motive them to get more done too! So it’s a win-win situation.
  • This last tip is sad, but needs to be said… Stop investing time and energy in players that will not or refuses to grow. If you have mentored and helped someone til you are blue in the face, and they still will not listen, maybe it’s time to let them do their own thing and you move on and place your efforts into people that are willing to grow with you. Remember there is only so much that you can do for someone until you are actually doing all the work for them, which isn’t what you want to be doing. You can do the business for them a few times for them to see and get the idea, but 1 year from now, you don’t need to still be doing their work!

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