How To Approach Your Burnt Out Warm Market

Maybe you’ve been in a few different companies in your marketing career and have talked to your hot or warm market about each of your new opportunities. Now that you have called your family or friends for the 5th new “business opportunity” they hang up on you or want absolutely nothing to do with hearing about it. Or maybe you’ve been in the same company for years, have tried to get your people to see your business, but they still don’t want to hear about it. Why? Well my guess is because you are not having them see it correctly.

When I first got in marketing, I was excited but nervous and didn’t know how to approach anyone about it, so naturally I told everyone you have to see this and buy that, ect. The responses I got were “Oh it’s one of those pyramid things” “It’s not for me” “What does the job pay?” and so forth. I’m going to share some tips to help your approach to your warm market.

  • Stop being weird! I don’t understand what our problem is when it comes to showing our friends and family our new thing. Just be natural! You already know these people, so don’t be a salesman.
  • Think about what you’d do if this business wasn’t MLM. Think about if you opened a traditional business. How would you approach your friends? If you had a coffee shop, maybe you’d say “Hey Bob, I just opened a new coffee place downtown, I’d love for you to come check it out and have a taste of our incredible Brazilian coffee with our homemade pastries.” Now doesn’t that sound more natural? It’s not sales-y, don’t you agree?
  • Don’t be addicted to the outcome. When you’re addicted to them saying “yes” when they say “no” you get on that emotional roller-coaster that we need to stay off of.  Doesn’t matter if they say “no” just move on to the next. You own a business, when people have traditional businesses, do they cry and throw a fit when people reject what they offer? Nope, they keep on calling more people. You also need to get in that mindset.


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