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Once your prospect has seen your presentation you obviously want them to get started with you, right? Most marketers focus on how having them join is going to benefit them. Like, it will help grow the team, they will hit some rank level, they will get a bonus for X amount of people joining this month or whatever. New marketers also like to blab about what they like in terms of the company or comp plan, which is another big turn off for prospects.

Your prospect does not care about any of that, in fact that will turn them to say “No” and you will probably have lost the deal. Instead of focusing on how it will help you or the team, focus on how them coming on is going to help them with their goals or problems.

First, before showing them your presentation, you should always find out what their problems are or what is lacking in their life that they would like to have. Once you have that information, show your opportunity, then focus on how your product/service, opportunity, training, or mission can help them achieve what they need, be it more time, money, personal development, helping others, firing their boss, etc.Β  Remember-never tell them how you are going to benefit because they don’t care anyhow; Focus on how your stuff is going to benefit them!

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  • valorey

    Reply Reply November 7, 2015

    Great post Marie! You are correct. Too many approach without so much as taking a few moments to scroll over their prospects Facebook page. I can’t tell you how many times I get recruited by people in my own company. There are so many better things we can do with our time like actually make friends with the prospect. Even if they do not join our team or become a customer, they will trust us enough to recommend us to their friends.

    • mrsyovcheva

      Reply Reply November 7, 2015

      Thank you Valorey! haha, even if they don’t scroll through your page, at least when you are messaging someone take the time to find out about them first before just “here’s my link, check it out, and when you’re ready to make $500 extra per month, hit me up” Like that is quite annoying, but I also understand because I was one of the spammers in the beginning, I just needed help. But yes I agree with you make friends first, then prospect if they’d be a fit to work with you or use your product/service, and if not at least they could know someone to refer us!! LOL I don’t think I’ve ever prospected for my own company, but that is kinda funny!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

      • valorey

        Reply Reply November 7, 2015

        I just have to take a deep breath and be professional. Lol I made the same mistakes, too. This just means job security for people like us. After we laugh to ourselves behind our devices, we will guide them in the right direction. ☺️

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