Recruiting-Who Are You Talking To?

Do you know who you’re talking to when recruiting in your MLM business?

While you may not even think about this particular question when you’re trying to recruit prospects into your business, it’s quite an important one to think about.

Let me give you an example. Say you are talking to a teacher about your business. Now how would you approach them? Are you going to say “If you join our team and recruit X amount of people you can be on the leader-board for the month and earn X amount of bonuses…” or maybe something like “If you join our team and recruit X amount of people you’ll be helping out the group which will be on the leader-board for the month, and our team will be able to go on the group vacation trip.” Now in this example the 1st option is a little bit more self-center, while option 2 is focused on team work. If you think about what a teacher does and what they want, you might want to approach them using option 2 because teachers are caring and want to help others.

This is where personality colors come in. Knowing what they are and the characteristics of each can be beneficial to you to become a chameleon and adapt the way you talk to each person you want to recruit in your business. In this blog I will go over four of the basic communication-150x127colors.


Color one ~ YELLOW. These type of people are caring, helping, giving, they may do charity work and not always money motivated. They do not care if they are on the leader-board, they do not want to be admired or be in the center of everything. This type of person would rather be involved in team work and group activities. Yellows want to see the team as a whole succeed, not just themselves. Yellows are dependable, supportive and patient, which make great teachers, nurses or counselors.

Color two ~ GREEN. These type of people are the most skeptical of all personalities. They ask a lot of questions, want all of the details you can possibly give them, want all the facts that there are, so be specific while talking to them. When approaching a green type give them all the information and let THEM think it over in their own time and let them get back to you; as they don’t like pushy people. Greens are organized, accurate, and persistent. In the work field they maybe accountants or researchers.

Color three ~ BLUE. These are the fun, party type of people. Career wise, they could be in sales, a public speaker, or in the entertainment industry. They are risk takers, money motivated, have no regrets, and will initiate the team and become a leader! Blues don’t want all the boring facts about your company, they could care less who is the CEO or how many years your company was at the top. Blues want to know about the fun side of the company, how much money they can make, about the vacations your team takes or what kind of car the company will let you use! Blues are convincing, enthusiastic, and positive with high energy levels.

Color four ~ RED. Okay, so these people are the “sharks” of the personality groups. They may seem aggressive, self-centered or maybe down right bossy. Reds are goal orientated, focused and also money motivated. They also don’t want all the boring details, just give them the “how can I make big money” speech. Reds like power and control and make great attorneys or politicians.

So the next time your talking to your prospect about your company, try to determine which color chameleon-reptile-awesome_772078group they belong and adapt the way you talk to them. Be a CHAMELEON!! Remember, do not bore the red and blues with your company facts, the green people want to know that! And yellows, well let them how they can benefit the team, community or someone else, because for them, its about helping out others!

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