Common Marketing Mistakes When Talking About Your Business

Many of us make mistakes in the beginning of our network marketing business. Most of the time we learn from them or our uplines and mentors point them out and we fix them. But often I see the same common marketing mistakes made over and over, time after time. I recently watched a webinar that also pointed out these mistakes we are making, and today I will share with you, so you can be on the look out, not only for yourself, but for your team-mates as well.

Common Marketing Mistake 1:

Talking Too Much About The Opportunity

You’ve probably heard this before-talking too much will kill your business. The less you say, the better. But unfortunately many novice marketers think they have to be quick talkers on their feet. They believe the more they can say, the more someone will be interested.  Usually they will vomit everything about the company on their prospect-everything about the compensation plan, who founded it, what the products/services are, why they got involved, how many top earners there are, how many people are in the company, just details on everything there possibly is.

Common Marketing Mistakes

Truth is NO ONE CARES about all the facts! When marketers start talking about all the information, many prospects start thinking “Why do I care? What does that have to do with me? So what?” and other similar thoughts. Instead of focusing on the business pitch, focus on the benefits or experiences that interest the prospect. Thinking “My business can help with….” will get you a much better response than “Do you keep your income options open?” or “Check this out! It’s awesome! We are the #32 company in direct sales, we’re the next biggest thing in….”

Common Marketing Mistake 2:

Your Benefits Are Too Common

I think this is a huge one! When I get pitched, I hear the same story from EVERYONE in every kind of company-doesn’t matter whether it’s weight loss, coffee, travel, make-up, systems, education. Everyone says the same thing over and over. “You can make more money” “You can spend more time at home” “You can become time and/or money free” “You can fire your boss!” Yatta-Yatta-Yatta… I get it!

Want to know a secret? If your MLM is legit, and you actually put some effort into it, it doesn’t matter what company- you CAN make money and you CAN fire your boss! Instead of telling your prospects these common and often boring and repetitive benefits-fire it up! Put some oomph into it! You want your prospects to pay attention to you, therefore, talk about the experiences/benefits that your people care about. (Which is part of listening to them and building rapport) Instead of the common-“You can make money” say something like “With this business you can make extra money so that you can feel more secure about your retirement” That statement is pointing out something that is important to them, the feeling of being secure when they go to retire.

Common Marketing Mistake 3:

The Copy & Paste Messages

You know exactly what I’m talking about. If you don’t do it, you’ve probably received them. I hate those, that are like 2 pages long about all the details of this “great new opportunity” and the only thing that they change (maybe) is the name. In fact, I had a message once that had someone else name! Go figure…

The issue with those are they are way too generic and they just use it for everyone-young, old, retired, working, stay at home moms, over worked dads, college kids, -they don’t actually message people, instead they copy and paste the message.  This will not get anyone’s attention because different people will join because of a different reason. The overworked dad won’t join because of the same reason the retired 70 year old joined. So again, I say, build rapport, listen to your prospect in what they want, what is important to them and if you’re going to message them-then you better customize your message FOR them!


If you or your team members are doing these common mistakes, you can fix them. It’s never too late in network marketing to start over or start fresh.

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