Content Creating-Does Yours Suck?

Want to know why you aren’t having success with your content?

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I’ll give you 3 reasons why and how you can improve your content.

You’re not investing in QUALITY content!

I know you may want to post about what’s for dinner or that your dog chased his tail. But you need to remember you are branding yourself. Therefore you need to take time and find out who you are targeting and what they are looking for. Research where they hang out, who they currently go to for advice or answers and what are their major influences are. Then create content relating to how that can help them solve their problem. Your stuff should be FREE as well! If you are giving away valuable content then that will draw people to you and keep them coming back! Sometimes you may need to give away your best stuff, but as Mike Dillard says “Give without want”

You’re not consistent!

I’ve said this in previous videos and blogs, but guys this builds trust and relationships with your readers/followers. You need to publish content NO MATTER WHAT! If you say you’re going to put out a blog/video 3 times a week, then do it! I know a lot of new comers are all excited the first 2-4 weeks then after the excitement dies down, so does their content. If you’re stuck and have no idea what to put out there, then make a calendar! Mondays could be about your top 5 list, Wednesday could be about how-to and Friday could be interview day with someone. Be creative,plan it, tell your readers/subscribers what to expect and most important DO IT!

You’re not promoting your stuff!

Think about it. After you’ve made that video or article and you hit publish, what happens? Well nothing! You need to take advantage of the social media sites and share your content as much as possible with your fans! If you’re not getting any eyeballs on your stuff, then your content is just floating around in cyberspace and no-one knows about it!

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