Convert Your Leads- Three Steps To Improve Your Conversion Rate

Want to improve your conversion rate, but unsure of how? Then keep reading!

Many network marketers have this problem of turning their prospects into an actual sale. Below are Increase-conversion-rate3 tips to get you improving your conversion rate.

“The money is in the list”, You may or may not have heard of this. But actually the money is not in the “list”; it’s in the RELATIONSHIP you build with your list. You want to build rapport and trust with them because when you do that, they will see you are not all about just pitching them your business opportunity or products. LISTEN to your prospects and understand what they need, want or desire. When you do that, you’ll have an better understanding if they would benefit from what your offering. If they have no need for your stuff, then do not pitch them, because then you’ll lose that trust you’ve built up and you’ll once again become that annoying salesman, and no one wants to be that! Remember-No one likes to be sold, but everyone LOVES to buy!

Follow up! Guys, this is so important and many marketers just forget about this step. When you follow up, I’m not saying “Pitch”, I’m saying ask them how everything is going. If they got any value out your stuff, do they have questions about it, could you help them in some way. Always remember the rule of 80% value, and 20% pitch. If you do that you will not come off as the annoying salesman we discussed earlier!


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Lastly, stand out from the crowd! Look, you need to understand that there are hundreds, maybe thousands of network marketers out there and a ton of companies all promising the same thing. So you need to do something different than what all the other people are doing. 98% of the people in this industry are failing because they are ALL putting their links out there screaming JOIN ME, JOIN ME! Guys be yourself and start creating valuable content that will help your fellow marketer, not just your usual pitch because that’s what everybody else is doing, and you see how much that is working, right?

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