Do You Really Need A Blog?

There are many marketers that ask this question when they begin in network or affiliate marketing- “Why Blog-Do I REALLY need a blog?” I know I asked myself this in the beginning and saw that most people who were in this industry did in fact have one. But, there are some successful marketers who do not have a blog or site, therefore, then question can be tough to answer.

In my opinion, it is NOT necessary to have a blog-especially if you don’t like to write or feel like you wouldn’t be able to blog at least once a week.ย  If you are thinking about starting your blog, but are unsure whether or not you should then let me point out some benefits of having one:

It's Your Own Marketing Channel

Now obviously you can market for free on different social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ or YouTube, but when you have your own site it’s better. First off, any of those sites could change their rules or ban you, or even delete your content. I’ve had this happen on YouTube where my videos have been “age restricted” (what?!) and some even deleted. You have NO control over what they do to your stuff. If you start posting too much in the Facebook groups, they can throw you in “Facebook jail” (been there too!!) then you have to wait awhile before you can start marketing again. When you have your own site-You own it. It doesn’t matter what you put on there, your content stays up; essentially you have control over everything. You can market yourself, your products or any affiliate or network marketing products or services.

You Build Authority & Credibility

Your blog-your content. You become the guy (or gal) who knows what they are talking about. You are the authority figure. The more information and valuable content you create, the more you are building your credibility and authority. Eventually when you start to get more readers and visitors to your site, and they keep coming back for more, you know you’ve established this. Think of Ray Higdon as an example. Who was he before he started his site? He was in real estate, now he’s got an awesome site with 100’s of thousands of visitors coming to his page everyday. He has successfully built up his credibility and authority, but it didn’t happen overnight. You have to be consistent and keep your content coming out.

Helping Out Others

When you create your content, you are not only just trying to sell your products or services, but you are also helping out other people in your niche. Any time someone searches for something, and they come across your information, you have just helped someone out with a problem. Even this post you’re reading-maybe your trying to figure out if you really need a blog-this information may help you decide whether or not blogging is for you or can help you see the benefits of blogging that you didn’t even realize! ๐Ÿ˜€

Increases Your Network

The more people coming to your site, the more your network will increase. You may make some new friends by blogging, because you can find others (or others will find you) with your site and you’ll find people who have the same interests! Therefore you’re circle is going to get bigger!

You Can Make More Money

Obviously everyone would like to make more cash, right? Well, with your blog, as I stated, you can sell whatever you want to because with owning a site-the sky is the limit!


I hope this post helped you in answering that famous question in every new marketers mind….For those of you who feel you don’t like writing, are not a good writer, or wouldn’t have the time to keep a blog up, don’t fret-because the answer is, No, you don’t HAVE to have a blog or site, but I do feel having one is a big benefit and will help you in marketing your products.

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