It’s All About What Duplicates

In network marketing, you’ve probably heard that duplication was the key to success, right? Well that really is the truth in this industry, especially if you don’t want a second J.O.B.

When I first got in MLM, I thought I needed to improve on my marketing skills, learn everything about internet marketing and keep on finding new customers for my business. What I didn’t realize is that when you are doing everything yourself, you own another J.O.B. and if you do that, then you probably won’t get the freedom you’re after with network marketing.

I have heard so many marketers tell me, “Well I’m great at recruiting and selling, but my team doesn’t do anything!” That is because you are making the process more difficult than what it needs to be. The more simple things are, the easier anyone you bring in will be able to do the same and see success, which in turns provides you with success too!

Top Recruiters keep on bringing more and more people and earning all the cash and are at the top, but Top Earners bring in a few people and teach their members how the business is done. They make money, but so does their team, and their network can grow tremendously!

When duplication is done right- in time you work less and still get paid. You become under-worked and overpaid, which is what most people are looking for, aren’t they?!

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