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If you’re into internet marketing, you should be following up with your prospects with email campaigns. Why? Well the average conversion rate on a sales page is only 1%-3%. Most people will never buy the first time around anyway. People will only shop with you if they know, like and trust you! (Yea, I know, I’ve said this a hundred times before, but you need to get that!)

So, you want to write enticing emails that will sell the crap out of your stuff?!

boring emails

The number reason people will not read your emails is because it’s BORING! Who the heck wants to read a commercial?! Are you one of those “professional” people that need it to sound proper and all sales-y? If you are, then let me tell you…You need to stop that immediately! Think about it… what do you do when you’re watching a TV show and the commercials come on? You get up, go take a pee break, look for a snack, let the dog out, or you flip thru the channels for a few minutes, right? Anything just to avoid them. Yeah, well, same with emails, only you’ll probably get deleted and never read.

Now you’re probably wondering, “So how can I sell in an email if being a professional commercial writer doesn’t work?”

I’ll give you three winning parts of an email:

  1. Subject line-write one that grabs their attention and makes them WANT to know more about what you’re talking about!
  2.  Fascinating  and informative body content– this is the meat of it! Firstly, provide some value to you’re reader. They opted-in on your list for a reason. Did you promise a free blog, video, report, article, or some kind of other information? Mostly likely, so that’s what you need to give them! Secondly entertain your guest! Everyone in the world needs and LOVES to be amused. This is the reason most people will go to movies, watch YouTube videos, check out some gossip on Facebook or other social media sites, why they send around those joke emails or funny pictures. In your emails, tell stories, be funny, show your sense of humor and most importantly be YOU! Then you can transition smooth and easy into the sales pitch.
  3. Strong call to action. Just as in a sales page you still need to tell your prospect what to do next.

Now you know how to write ’em, send them out! The more frequent, the more mu-la ($$$$) you can make! Don’t worry if someone unsubscribes, they just did you a favor because they are probably one of those people that suck up all the free info they can get without ever investing and buying anyhow. So who cares?!

Thus, it is time for you to go and create (or re-write) some killer selling machine emails!

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