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“When you target everyone, you target no one!”
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. That is so important to remember! The more specific you get in targeting your niche, the more QUALITY leads you’re gonna get, plain and simple.

Find out WHO you want to target and go for it. Research them, study them, and find out what kind of answers they want! Then make your ad to be shown for them.

In this video I’m showing you my back office and how to make an ad. I really wanted to show you the targeting feature of Facebook PPC because that is very powerful. You can get very specific as to who the ad is shown to. But you also have to make sure it’s not too specific otherwise you’ll get a message saying the ad can’t be shown. Now I do apologize for the length of this video, as it is almost 15 minutes long (I didn’t anticipate for it to be quite so long!) But if there is anything else you want explained, please let me a comment!

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