Are You Leaving Potential Money On The Table?

One of the vital skills while building your network marketing business, or even affiliate business, is the follow-up. After you have gotten someone to see your offer, if they do not give you an answer of whether they would like to be a customer, representative, both, or neither, you need to follow up with your prospect.

Understand that when you’re not following up, you are leaving potential money lying around! The very worst case scenario is that they could end up joining your company-But not with you!

I used to be awful at following up with prospects- either I got busy building new relationships, or I could not get a hold of the old prospect for whatever reason. And sometimes when I actually did get a hold of them, it seemed like it had been too late-they had already found something else they liked.

So how do you properly follow-up?

  • First set up the follow-up before you leave your prospect! For me in the past, I used to have people say yes to seeing my offer, so I’d send the link without saying anything else and I would try to get up with them within the next couple of days… This is a big mistake! Why? Because sometimes the prospect didn’t even look at the presentation that I had sent! Then we would have to go through the process again, which doesn’t look professional.
  • Ask them when they’d have time to have a look at the information, (I usually ask this before I even send the links now). I usually get answers like “Later tonight”, “Tomorrow morning” or “By the end of day tomorrow” Now that you have a guide line of when they’ll be looking at your presentation…
  • You can reply with “So if I gave you a call at X time on X day,”  (whatever time and day they told you) “you would have gone through the information by then?”
  • Most of your prospects will say “yes” Then I usually end the conversation with “Great, I’ll talk to you at X time on X day” and then you can now book that in your calendar as the follow-up day and time.

Very simple and easy to do-and this makes you look like a professional representative, instead of someone who needs everyone to join or buy your offer!

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