Gratitude & It’s Purpose

“I want you to keep a gratitude journal” or “Be grateful for what you have each morning” has anyone ever told you this? This is what my mentor wanted me to do when I first got into marketing and I said okay (although it wasn’t until recently I started practicing gratitude) but I never knew why he actually wanted me to do this.

I watched “The Secret” recently and if you’ve seen this then you already know the purpose of being grateful. If you have not seen it, I’m going to quickly break it down for you, but I highly suggest you take one evening and instead of watching your normal comedy or action film, go see this because it will greatly help you in your business and just life in general!

Law-of-Attraction-The Secret

Basically you can ask for anything in the entire world that you want. The universe is like a genie in the bottle, with unlimited wishes, and most of the population has wished for all the bad situations and problems in their life. How? When you are constantly thinking of “I want to pay off my debt” “I just can’t seem to find a job” “The car is broken again” or whatever your issues are, you are just attracting MORE of that type of thing. The universe doesn’t hear “I want to get out of debt”, instead it hears only “debt” therefore you’re just getting more of it.

Practicing gratitude helps you think about all the good in your life, which picks up your mood, turning your vibes and thoughts to focus on the positive, so then you start to attract the positive! It’s a sort of domino effect going on. Now just as with everything, if you want it to work, you can’t just do it for one day and expect all your problems to disappear. You have to do it everyday. In fact, I’ll challenge you. Start a gratitude diary today (or if you’re a procrastinator, start tomorrow) and do it for 1 month. Come back here in 1 month and let me know if anything has changed or gotten better… leave me a comment and tell me!

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