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Now, who doesn’t need more money? Honestly, 98% of the population needs more of it! But you really need to stop moneythinking about your end result of “more money” and start thinking about HOW you’re going to get the your end result.

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What are you going to do? Focus on your HABITS first. This is the “how” of getting to your result. Your habits lead you to “more money”. Think about your current situation now. Now think about your daily habits.

Are you not getting the cash because you are not talking to enough people during the week? Maybe you are not consistent with your content creating, whether it be making videos, blogs, posts, or ads. Perhaps you are thinking the money will come because you’re in a fantastic company.

All of the little things that you do will eventually add up and lead you towards your end result. Changing your habits will lead you to have more leads, more traffic, more exposure, credit-ability. And what does all of that do? That gets you MONEY!

I want you to think of it this way as an example: Let’s say you want to lose weight. Ok, that is the end result… So what do you need to do to get there? You’ve got to change the way you eat (eating healthier, more veggies/fruit etc), you need to burn more calories than you are taking in (exercise more, run, play a sport, walk more often, take the stairs instead, etc) maybe you want to First-we-make-our-habitsstart counting calories. All of these things add up and takes you to your end result of losing weight.

The same applies to your MLM company. Change your habits, change your results! If you are not where you want to be now, then take a look at what you’re doing and change it!

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