How To Find More People To Talk To About Your Business

Are you having trouble finding new prospects to talk to about your business? In the beginning I was too, but once I found out how to add more connections on social media, I have over 800 people to talk to, and it’s still growing! So how did I do this?

Basically I wanted to get noticed… I needed to be in peoples “notifications.” You can do this for as little as 15 minutes or as long as all day, just depends on how much time you can dedicate to this daily routine. The only thing is to be CONSISTENT with it.

  • First-find people you would want to talk to. I look for people who have similar interest as me. So books, interests, hobbies, maybe even places that we’ve both been to. You can find these people in different Facebook groups, or on Pages. Remember- Quality Vs Quantity! Ask yourself, would you really want to do business with this person?
  • Second-Get noticed! Go through their profile and “like” or “comment” on their pictures or updates. Now you don’t have to go crazy… Just “like” or “comment” on their profile and background picture, and then I’d recommend “liking” or “commenting” on 3-4 updates on their timeline. The point is for you to be noticed and them curious about you.
  • Third-Either they will send you a friend request, or they will go through your profile and start liking or commenting. If they do, send them a request.

This process may be a bit slow in the beginning, but once you’ve got momentum going, you can spend less time finding people and more time building rapport with that new list you just built! If you’d like to practice this strategy, start here!

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