How To Get People To Buy

No matter what type of business you’re in, network marketing, affiliate marketing, or a traditional business, you need sales to keep your business going. Without people buying, there is no business. So the million dollar question on everyone’s mind is “What makes people buy?”

I’ve read and heard many times over the same thing from different successful people. Therefore today I will share the 4 most common reasons of what turns people into customers…

  1. People want YOUR solution. Well this is the most obvious reason, but when you’re involved in your product or service and you love it, it’s hard to understand why other people wouldn’t want it either. I know you can get caught up in being in love with what you sell, but you need to make sure that OTHER people will want it just as much as you do. If the answer is “Yes”, then you have a solution to someone’s problem, no matter what you are selling!
  2. Belief that your offer will help them. Your prospect must believe that you have the solution. If they don’t have the belief, then you’re not going to sell squat! Your job is to transfer your enthusiasm, passion, and belief in your offer to your potential customer-simple, isn’t it? Well, if you love what you’re selling, then of course it is! ๐Ÿ™‚
  3. Your prospect likes and trusts you. I’ve said this in previous blogs. Understand if they don’t like or trust you, they aren’t going to buy from you. Have you ever gone to buy something and you just didn’t like the salesman? Now did you buy from them? My guess is probably not, because for whatever reason you didn’t like them. Maybe they were rude to you, or pushy, or maybe they just kept talking, or possibly looked like a sneaky person who’d rip you off. Doesn’t really matter why, the fact is you didn’t like or trust them. Same with your business. So become likable and trustworthy, if you aren’t already…and this is going to take work for you because you’ll have to build rapport first with your prospects in order for them to like you and feel good about buying something from you.
  4. People want a GREAT deal. If your offer is too good to be true, then you’ve got an awesome deal that most people wouldn’t want to let pass by. Think about major retail stores… they have “sales” and coupons out all the time! Why? Because if it’s a great deal, people want it. I’ve seen, for example, a store have candy bags for $2.50 on the regular price, then a few weeks later, they have a “sale” But what was funny was that the “sale” price was buy 2 bags for $5! Well for those that didn’t catch that… if you bought 2 bags for the regular price, it would be the same as the supposed “sale” price. Now, they don’t always do that, but I have seen that happen! Point is, when people see the “sale” sign, “discount” tag or a coupon, they go nuts! They just can’t pass it up.

Now that you know why people buy, go analyze your offer and see if you have all these points in tact. If you do, fantastic! If not, then go work on what you need to, to boost your sales.

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