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Why aren’t I getting any leads to my links? I’m putting them everywhere so everyone knows about it!

Want to know why? It’s because of exactly what you’re doing. You put your links everywhere without giving people a REASON WHY they should join YOU. That’s right, you see that correctly, people join YOU not your business. That is the secret that the top earners know!

Now think about that. When you put your link out, what are you saying? Let me guess: Our company’s the best, We’ve got a billionaire CEO, We’re in our pre-launch phase, The company is joinmein the top 10 of networking companies, My company is awesome and the compensation plan is outta this world, or something similar to this right?

Let me just be blunt and let the cat out of the bag: EVERYBODY in network marketing says those things! They all say the same thing! You need to be different and say WHY they should join you. You need to realize that when someone is joining the team under you, you then become their sponsor, so it’s inevitable that you offer something to your team members other than the usual, Company’s great, compensation is the best…

I’ll give you an example of what I personally would say.. Join me and my team because I can personally mentor you and show you how to market the correct way. I also have a system in place that all you have to do is plug into it and start getting leads. I’ve also got a bonus for you, if you join me you can use my videos and teaching methods until you make your own content.

See what I did there? I’m providing value for someone to join me because I have a system that all they need to do is plug into and start using. I know a thing or two about marketing that I can share and help them to make money in the company. I will let my team mates use my content until they can make their own to promote the company products. I’m NOT saying join because the company is great and it was founded by Mr. Trump, or whatever.

So the next time your throwing your link out there, remember to ask yourself what value do dare-to-be-differentI possess that no-one else in the company has? Why should they join me and not my up-line or team member below me? Why I am DIFFERENT?

Guys, I also want you to remember this… There are 98% of people failing in this industry, which means 98% of people need you and your skills! You are not going to please everyone, and I’m not going to please everyone. So do not think that just because Sally joins me, that so will Joe and Billy. Joe and Billy may not like me and what I have to say, but they may like you and the way you do things. Just something to keep in mind!

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