Lead Capture Page-The Secret Behind Creating One

Your lead capture, or “Squeeze Page” is the most important pages in your sales funnel!

I did a previous post on what a sales funnel is and how it benefits to have one for your business. (See it here, if you missed it!) Now I will share with you how the most important page is a “take it or leave it” kind of page. This page has one goal only, that is to get people to opt-in and get on your mailing list! That means when someone opts-in, they are giving you permission to market to them. So this page is the most critical piece in your sales funnel.

You need to make your squeeze pages (aka lead capture curious-george1page) simple, and to make your reader curious as to what’s on the other side. Make it so compelling, that they can NOT leave without giving you their email. Creating curiosity will do this, if the other side is unknown; if they already know what’s next, then make it where they say they NEED it!

Headlines- Curiosity usually works the best and it can build up your list quick, if you know how to write powerful headlines. Use as less graphics as possible, as distractions will take your reader away from where you want them.

Sub Headline-This reinforces or confirms what your headlines says. It explains WHY they should be opting-in. They need to be simple, short and to the point! This should be making your reader say or think “Yes, I really DO need or want this!”

Capture Form- This is where you need to TELL them what to do! Remember, we humans like to follow instructions. Do NOT assume they know what to do next! Tell them exactly what they need to do afterwards.

Always remember that your prospect will be thinking how is this going to benefit them. Will it solve a problem that I have? Is this new information that will help me? Is this something I don’t know that I’m missing? If you can answer these questions in you lead capture page, you will find most people will put in their contact information and you will generate more leads quickly!


Headline: What Marketing Gurus Do NOT Want You To Know! (This is creating that curiosity of what do they NOT want me to know?)

Sub headline: Discover the hidden secrets that 97% of marketers will never find out about! Learn how to generate leads on autopilot, make more sales, and have 100’s of new signups with this simple formula! (This is telling them WHY they should opt-in. They want to know the formula that the marketing gurus are using to get leads, signups and sales. It makes your reader think, “Yea I want to know what this formula is!”)

Capture form: Enter your email now in the form below to get instant access to the secret formula all the gurus are using! (You are telling them to enter their email and what to expect on the next page)

Also think about the above example and see if it answers any of the questions I told you earlier your reader is thinking while on your lead capture page. Does it benefit them? Is the information new… etc. Would you enter your email for information like that? That’s another good question to think about when creating your page.

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