Leadership Skills To Bring Your Team Towards Success

We all know that in network marketing you are supposed to build a team and help them towards success. Usually once someone gets involved in this industry, they don’t have a clue about how to build a team, much less lead one towards success!

When I first got involved in marketing, my mother in law was my upline; since she was begging people, I just followed her lead. What I didn’t know back then was that she was building the wrong way. Sure, she had recruited some people this way, but the problem was people joined and then never did anything…

In order for you to be successful, you are going to have to work on self-development; there is no way around that. The “how-to” part of business is actually quite simple, although most of us try and complicate things. What is hard to do is to work on yourself. Therefore, today I will share 4 leadership skills that will help you start becoming the leader that your team needs.

  1. The ability to teach. Once you have learned the “how-to” part of the business, you job will be to teach your team the process. My advice would be to show them, not just tell them. You will have to get them involved and practice with them, and challenge them. My team and I role play… and don’t be easy on them, show them what responses you normally get and how to handle them. Things like “It’s a pyramid” “What is it?” “I don’t have time/money” “I have to talk to my wife about it” and so forth. When you bring them real life examples/experiences at least they will be prepared to handle them and expect them.
  2. Use their mistakes to empower and strengthen your team. Have your team know that they will make mistakes, that is just part of the learning process. Your job is to have them learn from their mistakes. My personal mistakes (made over 100’s of times) was talking way too much, and losing a sale countless times because of it. So when I was presenting our opportunity to someone with my new team member, I noticed she was doing the exact same thing I used to do… I had to explain later that she was talking too much because I didn’t want her to keep losing people’s interest like I had done many times over. All you need to do is have them understand their mistake, learn from it then celebrate when they have corrected it the next time.
  3. Create and maintain frequent interaction with your team members. This will help build rapport and a strong bond with your team. Go to meetings, training, lunches, Skype, or just hang out at a coffee shop as often as possible with your team. One of my members we Skype often and have been to a training together, and another member I got to hang out more often because she was local. We’d go to dinner or coffee about 3 times a week. Remember, the team that plays together-stays together!
  4. Have an ability to sell. Now you’re probably thinking, “well, that’s obvious,” right? But I’m not talking about selling your products/services or opportunity here, I’m talking about selling your VISION to your team! Can your team see what the future looks like in 5 years doing this with you? Can they see the bigger picture, the overall goal? If you can sell them this, then you are on your way to building a strong and long lasting foundation.

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