3 Ways To Make Money Online

You’ve decided you want to make some extra income. But how? Well today I have 3 popular ways you can make money online. All three of them work, I’ve seen people blow it up with all of them. You can choose to do one or all.

  1. Affiliate Marketing. According to Wiki it is “a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts.” Basically it means, you sign up with a company to sell their products or services and in return you get a commission. Each company has their own commission rates, so look out for what they will pay you. All the work and effort done is on you and what you do alone to sell and promote.
  2. Network Marketing. This is my favorite. Here you again are selling products or services, but you also have the option to build a team. You can leverage your teams effort, usually whatever your team does, you also get a piece of the cake! You don’t work alone in this type of marketing, and you guys are always helping each other out to make the most of it! The key to making it in network marketing is DUPLICATION meaning teaching your team how’s it done. Once you’ve established a “rank” within your company you can start to make a residual income (you’ve got residual bills, why not residual income, right?!) and the quickest way to getting there is getting your team to duplicate what you are doing. Then you can relax a bit and not have to work so hard as you did in the very beginning to gain momentum. (If you’re thinking about network marketing, check out what I do here to see if it’s a fit for you)
  3. Make your own products or services. Now I know you’re probably thinking “Oh no.. I don’t have the resources or funds, and no idea what to make!” You don’t necessarily have to make consumable products like vitamins, soap, clothes, or protein shakes. No, you can start doing information products. If you have knowledge about something you can do paid webinars, which are extremely easy to do. You can do a training series if you want or an ebook (in fact, I’m in the process myself of making an ebook!) Folks, we are in the information age now and people are researching like mad to get information and are willing to PAY for it… So why not take advantage of it?! I can guarantee you know something that some else is looking for that is willing to throw their credit card at you to get it!

That’s all I got for you today!

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