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Having trouble finding leads or converting your leads into actual customers? When I asked my fellow marketers what was most challenging in their business, that was the top answer-getting leads and conversions.

Therefore, I decided to get some answers from the experts in our marketing industry! I asked 13 of the top earners and top recruiters the following question:

“Where Do You Get Most Of Your Leads & What Are Your Best Strategies To Convert Those Leads Into Customers?”

Below are their answers, so get ready to take notes, because these guys are the best of the best in our industry!!




“My #1 Lead Source is YouTube.

My 2 best strategies to convert leads into customers are by building relationships (on autopilot) with highly valuable free content and getting my prospects onto a webinar where I can provide a lot of additional free content and then make an offer at the end of the webinar.”




“My best source of leads are people I meet.  I am a networker.  There are lots of ways to connect with people and convert them.   I follow my strength and my personal style which is to connect with people I meet alone the way in life.

I look at everyone as though they have an Untold Story.  I look at them with a vision that they Know a lot of people….about 200 each from all walks of life some of which are a perfect fit for my business.   I see endless possibilities.  I see them as people just like everyone else that has joined my company… the moment they are Invited they rarely Think they are looking or open.  They rarely are “looking” for an opportunity especially not a MLM one.   However, like everyone else on my team they Value their health and the Value their Wealth and once they see past their bias they see opportunity.

Local people for me are better than long distance.  Long distance enrolling is like long distance dating.  It can work but the odds of setting someone on fire with your passion and conviction is a lot harder.   Locally I look for movers and shakers in my community.   The local newspapers and weekly Arts and Community Interest magazines are a gold mine for finding people and events where I might meet people.  When I go to an event my focus is to just meet several but just connect with One.   I also look for business people that own some kind of a facility where they are the “expert” and they have built in traffic i.e. Personal Trainers, Yoga instructors, Chiropractors etc.   It is easier for them to see how they might create a group of customers.

And here are the Steps I teach for Connecting and Enrollment

Step One.  Connect.   This starts with a smile, a hello and or a simple question as an icebreaker.  What is your name or where do you live or how long have you worked here or Are you coming or Going.

Step Two  Be Curious.   Most networkers just ask enough scripted questions to “tee up” their prospect so they can pitch  them.  This is why the public does not see themselves doing what we do.  We are like a herd of runaway homeless used car salespeople desperate to make a sale.  Try this instead.   Be Curious about them.  If you are curious you will ask questions.  You won’t talk about you or your products or your company.  You will simply ask them questions and listen.  Don’t worry about what to ask them  If you are curious you will ask them the right questions.

Step Three.    Stay Present.   This is different than what you might consider Listening.   Most of us Listen in the form of a conversation.  Someone is talking  and you act like you are listening but actually you are talking to yourself.  It sounds like, “ Hurry up and finish so I can have my turn” or “Get to the point…you are taking to long to make your point” or “I already know all about this” or” I don’t agree with you or I agree with you”…blah blah.

You might as well be talking out loud while they are talking.  It is that obnoxious.   Be present instead.  Quiet the mind.  Quiet the chatter and judgments.  Just take it all in.  Get them.  Get what they are saying.  Get who they are that is saying it.  They can tell when you are an empty vessel of listening vs a bundle of judgements and chatter.

Step Four.    Answer Questions simply and directly without any riddles.   When people ask you about you tell them straight up.   Answer the questions and then ask them about them again.  Do not run on about you.  Whatever they ask…answer period.  No more.  And when it comes to your MLM career don’t be cute and creative.   Don’t tel them you are “An emergency retirement specialist”.   People hate riddles in answer to their questions.

Step Five.  Be patient.   If you connect with people and if who you are for them is A Connection vs a Recruiter they will trust being in your presence and they will Open up to you.   As people Open they tell you what they want more of in life and what they want less of.   That is your opening to offer them a possible solution.

Step Six.   Just ask people to “Take a Look”.  Don’t tell people that they SHOULD buy your products or join your business.   Nothing is more arrogant than a self serving sales person that thinks they know what is best for another person.  We are all in charge of our lives and ought to be honored in making our own decisions.    Let people look.  Help them look.  Open them vs Close them.

The best thing about this approach is the list of Warm Market people you will build.  Most people we approach are not ready in that moment to do something different either as a customer or a business partner.  But they likely will be in the future if you stay in touch with them in a fun and respectful way.  Your No’s ( not now) will become your best prospects moving forward.  Imagine you connect with a couple of people a day 365 days a year.  By the end of year one you have over 700 people  If you enrolled 10% of them as customers and or sales leaders you have over 600 people that know what you do to refresh your products or opportunity to.

I would much rather follow up with 600 people that like me and trust me and know what I do than prospect 600 people with whom I am yet connected.”




“I generate all my leads via the Internet, specifically in two areas.

My blog and a system I leverage that focuses specifically on network marketing leads.

I believe you must treat your business like a business for it to pay you like one. So I invest time and money only in what’s working.

To convert leads to sales I use a “value ladder” all taken care of via my online marketing tools.

There’s many ways that work, my preference is on what is flexible, fun and simple.”







“I use live streaming video. Mostly Periscope and lately FB Live. I convert using paid webinars.”









“We utilize a concept called hybrid network marketing. It combines the best online and off-line marketing strategies my favorite strategy is blogging, my second is paid advertising, but ultimately at the end of the day you need a phone number to call so you can invite them to a presentation since this is where conversions take place.”








“I get most of my leads from Facebook. The way to convert your social media prospects into business partners is through phone conversations. You have to make the shift from attracting to actual connecting. You must be high-tech and high-touch.”






“I do lots of different advertising because I can scale and leverage my business that way, but hands down my best leads are the ones that come from my blog and from my videos.  Why?  Because they have got to know me through my articles and videos and they “get” me and what I stand for, which is someone who cuts through the hype and confusion and shows my students and team members how simple it can be to generate leads online.

I teach “clarity without overwhelm” in online lead generation and everything I share in my trainings is aimed at doing that.

When it comes to paid marketing, I hear many people saying “the traffic was rubbish“, or “PPC doesn’t work because I got no conversions” – but they don’t understand the buyers process and what makes a person want to buy from you.  Two things make a person buy from you – logic and emotion.  If you can appeal strongly to one or both of those then you will get a sale.

Logic is built up from the product being able to “fix” their biggest problem.  So if you know who your target market is then you need to find out what their biggest problem is – what keeps them awake at night and what do they really want to fix.  Show them how your product will fix their problem and you are getting close to the sale.

Emotion is something different.  People often buy from people they know, like and trust.  Build up the trust with them FIRST by giving them lots of valuable information about what they are looking for – share interesting and useful information with them and then “invite” them to check out what you do – this is extremely powerful and is called Attraction Marketing.”






“I get most of my leads from social media and I find that reaching out into a target market directly and advertising to the same target market works well.”






“I get all my leads from new connections found by adding people on FB, commenting on people’s page for exposure, and people sharing my content. Generally just have a good profile page that look like you are a very relate-able likable person and just comment on bunch of people’s pages and get to know their friends.. and their friend’s friends… it’s tap-rooting”








My BEST source of leads is leads through my blog, so basically leads I attract to myself. Second would be FB but even with that I am branding me.”





This Network Marketing industry is more of a relationship building industry. All of my leads have been from relationship building and attraction marketing. I have built an income in excess of $300k in 12 months with no true success, no following and no paid traffic. One day, I will decide to venture into that area but at this time, I enjoy building the genuine relationships.








My leads is my warm market. I also do cold market prospecting wherever I am, restaurants, out and about etc. First I always connect with people and build relationships, trust is the key. People buy from people they know, like and trust.”









I get almost all of my leads from warm market or just meeting people. I’ve not found any Lead Program to be effective.”






Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are many different ways you can get leads and conversions, although I’m seeing a pattern in the answers, don’t you? It’s building relationships with people, no matter if they say “yes” or “no” to your offer.  The trick is finding which way you like doing best and becoming a master at it!

If you like prospecting-then start talking to more people, either by social media or in person, and get good at listening to them instead of just talking.

If you prefer marketing and testing things out-then start doing paid ads, setting up funnels and auto responders, or becoming a content king or queen offering awesome valuable and useful content to your niche.

I personally do a mixture. I use Facebook (mostly) to connect with people, then I put out content to help others in the industry as well as using funnels and auto responders to keep building rapport with my “list”

This industry DOES work, but you must put in time and real effort to start to see the fruits of your labor.

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    Hi Marie,

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    Make Today Count and Have FUN!

    • Marie Yovcheva

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      No problem, it was my pleasure Matt! Thanks so much for taking part, and thanks-I look forward to keep growing from you guys! You guys are top dogs!! 😀

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    Nicely put together Marie and some great tips from people there.
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    This is an awesome compilation and definitely love all the different answers!

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