“I Don’t Have The Money” Excuse

“I don’t have the money” Is that the answer you get when you’re talking to someone about your business?

Well I’m going to give you 2 tips in this blog and in the video below to help you recruit your prospects. But let me remind you first, that people will pay for VALUE and CONVENIENCE. With that in mind, remember that they are wondering what’s in it for them, what problem is this going to solve, and why would they want to join.no money

Before you accept the excuse of “I don’t have the money” ask them “if I have a brand new BMW/Mercedes outside for you and all you need to do is give me $500 and it’s yours, would you be able to find and come up with that much?” If they say “yes”, then you know that their excuse of no money is a lie. You can then proceed to say “So, you’re telling me you could spend $500 on a new car, but not to change your life?” This should get them thinking a bit.

The second tip when working from home is use the “I hate Monday” syndrome. Most people on Sunday afternoon start thinking about going to work the next day. Use this to your advantage! Tell them that if they work from home, if they put effort and time in their business, they wouldn’t have to hate Mondays. Explain that they set their own schedule. And the successful people in MLMs don’t hate Monday because for them, Monday is just as good as any other day of the week!

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