O’Leads- Effective Recruiting

Want to know a secret when you’re recruiting? You are an intruder when you are prospecting! That’s right. No one likes to be prospected so they can be sold something, but human behavior says we love to buy!

Think about when you go shopping for something and you already know what you want. You waltz in the store, looking around for whatever, and then the sales associate comes along and asks that famous “Can I help you with something?” and your immediate response is “No, I’m just looking”, right? That’s proof right there that even though you came to buy, you don’t want someone to sell it to you! So when you are prospecting you need to find a way to enter into the conversation that the prospect is having in their own head and to quickly build rapport and trust. And how, you ask? With a process called “O’Leads

O’- Open the conversation. Guess you can call this the icebreaker. Just get a conversation going, with something simple, like “Hey, how are you?” or “Hey, how’s your day going?” or maybe “Great weather today, isn’t it?” Just open your mouth and say something, you never know who will be willing to take a look at your offer later or who they know!

L-Learn about your prospect. This is where you ask questions and listen. Get to know them and get them to start talking about themselves as much as possible.

E-Engage with your prospect. Get interested and involved with what they are saying! Ask them to tell you more, or why they did xyz or how xyz made them feel.

A-Align with them. This is where you become relate-able. Do you have similar problems or interests? If so share your stories with them, and don’t forget to be vulnerable.

D-Direct and decide. Invite them to see your offer and let them decide whether it’s for them or not.

S-Solve their problem/sign them up. This speaks for itself!

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