Presenting Your Business Opportunity

Presenting your offer is an essential part of your network marketing business-the more people you expose to your offer, the more you’ll grow your customer and team base. There are plenty of ways you can do a presentation- you can do it yourself, you could have someone else do a home presentation for you, you could go to a live presentation if your company offers it, you could use a video, or any other form. But what I found was the best was using 3rd party tools, and for me that is a company video.

Understand that the more you know and say about it, the less duplicate-able it becomes. I have a friend who was in a health and wellness company and he knew everything there was to know about all the different products and what minerals do what, and which vitamins do what, etc. It was great if customers had questions, but the people who wanted to get into the business side were a bit intimated because they felt like they couldn’t or wouldn’t be able to know all the information that he knew. Therefore his presentation style had become less duplicate-able for his team.

So which 3rd party tools can you use for your business?

  • A company presentation video
  • A company magazine
  • A company live presentation
  • Anything you don’t have to personally do!

All you need to do is say less to more people. If you can get good at inviting people and get them in front of a 3rd party tool, then you have done your job. The more simple you keep your presentation style, the more your team will also be able to do the same and all of you will see success.

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