Procrastination & Fear

Are you stalling to make calls, do a video, write a blog, or make ads? Fear is usually the corporate behind procrastination. Everyone has fears, whether they do a business or not, it’s just human nature. But the problem is when we procrastinate too long on doing something for our marketing business, that “later” becomes never. I understand you are probably afraid of rejection if you’re not making calls or scared to lose money if you invest in doing ads, or maybe stalling on that video/blog because you want it to be perfect or you don’t want to sound or look dumb. So how can we kick fear and procrastination?

Well first, to get rid of fear, the ONLY way is to do whatever it is that you are afraid of doing. I’m sorry that’s just they way it works… no amount of preparation or trying to calm yourself down is going to make your fear disappear. You just have to get up and do it. “When you do what you fear the most, the death of fear is certain.” No other way around that.

As for procrastination, I’ll give you 3 questions you can use to help kick this bad habit.

  1. What’s the worst that can happen? If your answer doesn’t involve you or someone else getting hurt or dying, then just do it, take the plunge!
  2. What are the consequences of you NOT doing it? I’ll tell ya you are going to be missing out on something such as a connection with a new customer or team member or maybe your ads converting well.
  3. Once you do take action, how are you going to feel? You will gain something, not only a materiel item or new customer, but an awesome feeling of accomplishment which can in turn become a strong motivator for breaking through your fears!

I’ll give you a quick story (non-business related about fear). I LOVE to sing, but never did in front of people, with the exception of middle school chorus with a bunch of other students. Last night I was invited to a Karaoke bar. When we first got there (before any drinks) the lady asked if I was going to sing. My first and quick response “Oh no!!” After a few hours and 2 drinks, my confidence level boosted a little bit and I wanted to sing but I was still petrified. I put my name on the list and when it was my turn, my heart was pounding out of my chest, I thought it may explode! I did my song and afterwards, I felt sooo good to be able to do something I was terrified of doing, it’s hard to explain. In fact I ended up doing about 5 songs total because I actually enjoyed it! Once you “feel the fear and do it anyway” you get a burst of energy and motivation that you didn’t even realize you had and if you do it, who knows, maybe you’ll end up loving it and keep doing it!

So next time you are scared and stalling on a task, ask yourself those 3 questions, and just do it, even if it’s not business related. You only get one life, why let fear control you?

Have an awesome Halloween!!

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