Rapport And Business-The Most Important Step

Are you struggling to build rapport in your business?

Building rapport is defined as “something that occurs when 2 or rapport2more people feel they are on the same page because they can relate to each other.” In network marketing, this is a crucial step, but most networkers struggle with this.

Who’s guilty of talking to someone on a social media site and then immediately sending them your link to your business opportunity before any other kind of conversations on go? I know I’ve done this in the past, and let me tell you, it gets you no where; or it just gets you blocked!

To build the rapport, just get to know your prospects first. Ask them questions like:

  • Where are you from?
  • Are you married?
  • What are your hobbies?
  • How many kids do you have?
  • What do you do professionally? Etc.

Your messages should not be short and quick, you want to engage in conversation and have some detail in them. Do not just respond (if they ask you something) with a yes or no, but with an explanation of why or just some detail about whatever you’re talking about. And once you’ve responded, always ask them a question (the last thing they read should always be a question) to keep the conversation going.

For example if someone asks “What is your day job?” You can say, “Well I work in an real estate office, been there for X amount of years, but I’m planning to start my own business and quit my job in X amount of years. I’m just tired of working for other people. So how about you, What do you do as your day job?” So you get the idea, respond, a bit a detail, and ask them a question at the end and wait for a response.

Never send links to your business until you’ve exchanged 3-4 messages. If and only IF they Stop-Spammingask you before-hand then you may send a link. To get them started asking you about it, you can say what I’ve just said in the example above. That will raise some interested in “Oh, you’re going to start a business and quit your job in X amount of years?! What’s your plan?”

Next, do not get defensive if someone is negative, just move on. You want to also make yourself out to be some kind of expert in your business. Have some content out on the web (blog, video, article, etc) to look creditable.

After you’ve built rapport, it should be easy to now pitch your business opportunity. But please remember that building rapport will take time, it DOES NOT happen overnight so do not get discouraged if you think you’ve been talking to someone for a few weeks, and they still don’t want to buy into your opportunity yet. Just be PATIENT! Remember: become a trusted adviser, and NOT a salesman!

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