3 Keys To Recruiting

Imagine….. You’ve invited your friend to see your presentation, they watch the whole video and now what? I know you want them to hand over their credit card details and sign the dotted line, don’t you? Especially once you’ve overcome some of the objections that they are most defiantly going to give as to why they can’t do it or why it’s not for them. I was listening to one of our upcoming leaders in the company who hit residual income within about 22 days of joining, which is incredible! He gave us 7 keys that we need when recruiting and today I will share 3 of them.

Recruiting MLM Network marketing

Urgency- I know you’ve probably heard this one before, but it’s so true. You need to create a way for them to join right now… Not next week, not in a month, or whatever time frame they set. Most marketers show the video, listen to excuses and accept them and say “Ok, kool Bob, go talk to your wife, think about it and I’ll give you a call next week to see what you guys think and if you are ready to join.” This is not creating any type of urgency…. This is saying “Great give me your answer whenever you’ve decided” and let me just say that when you do this you usually get a “no” type of response. So get them to join ASAP!

Relationships- Again another one you may have heard about, but it is so true. People only join or buy from others that they know, like, or trust. Think about this… if wanted to go on vacation and you’ve got a friend in the travel industry or working as an agent… wouldn’t call them up and see what they have and probably buy your package from them instead of buying from that guy down the street handing out flyers saying he’s got a promotion? I personally would call my friend, or the person I’ve already bought from before. The same goes with everything life. Even when I was first starting my journey in marketing I bought a system from someone that I really liked… later I needed internet training, so I bought from the same person because I trusted him! Keep that in mind when you’re spamming your link to strangers!

System- Now we all need a system that works. There is a question that your prospects subconsciously ask in their mind when you’re discussing your business… which is “Can I do this?” It may be great that you have had some success… but that doesn’t mean THEY will if it’s not easy enough for them to get into. Therefore you must have an easy system in place that they can get plugged into to use quickly and efficiently so they start to see their own personal success.

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  • valorey

    Reply Reply October 28, 2015

    I totally agree. For a long time I was only able to recruit people for regular, hourly paid jobs. In the beginning of my network marketing career, I struggled with recruiting for direct sales. So many people are wary and think that they are just pyramid schemes or just plain ole sketchy. That is far from the truth. Corporate America is a pyramid scheme if you ask me and when/if that income ends, you don’t get anything except for maybe a cake.

    • mrsyovcheva

      Reply Reply October 31, 2015

      I believe alot of people struggle to recruit in the beginning, but once they learn how, then it’s much easier. I agree the whole 40/40/40 plan is a scheme, that’s why in school you’re taught to become an excellent employee, not a great successful business person.

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