Asking For The Sale In Network Marketing

It’s that time…You’ve shown your presentation to your prospect and it’s over…now what? Do you just sit there smiling and looking at them, hoping their going to say “I’m in!!” do you clam up when it’s time to ask if they wanna buy?

If you are anything like me and friend Jessica, then you hate asking for the sale. You do not want to become that pushy salesman or saleswomen that everybody hates, right? I know I don’t!!

In network marketing there are usually 2 main objections as to why they can not join: “I don’t have time to do a business” or “I don’t have the money” When people gave me those excuses, I’d usually say something along the lines of “When can you get the money?” or “Well, duh, that’s why I’m showing you, so you CAN have time/money!!” To me, when I say those things I feel like I’m pushing them to do something they really don’t want to do. I was talking to Jessica yesterday about it and she shared some awesome tips that I’m going to share with you!! So put on your seat belt folks, here we go!!………

Instead of telling your prospects what to do, ask them a question.. and I’m not talking about a question where the answer can be a yes or no. I’m talking about a question where they actually need to think a bit and dig deep inside themselves. When people think about things more it gives them power over their lives and situations, which is what everyone wants. This process may take more time, but you’ll get better quality results. If someone really wants to join or buy from you, then at least you know that they got in for themselves, not because you made them, and now, that also means you don’t’ need to baby-sit them or keep forcing them to stay in… Make sense?

Now for the questions to ask:

Instead of “You should be doing this so you can have more time/money/etc” ask them “What are you willing to do now so that you can have more time/money/etc?” Big difference there, wouldn’t you agree?!

Another example for when they say they don’t have the money: Instead of “Just try and get the money so we can start working on your dreams” ask them “What are you willing to do to not have to worry about money??”

I believe those are some powerful tip right there! If I had known this earlier I think I’d probably have more people on my team by now, as those are some great questions for people to ponder over!

If you want to connect with my friend Jessica, Check her out here, she loves makeup, makeovers and helping people in general, highly recommend getting to chat to her!

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