What Separates The Professionals From The Amateurs

Updated 2016

Back in early 2014 I began my whole marketing journey. I was new with no guidance, had no experience, clueless about everything and had zero success trying to get people to join my business or buy products from me. I was putting ads out, links out, talking to numerous people and still NOTHING!  Frustrated, I turned to my friend-Google. She helped me research what I was doing wrong, what the professionals had, and what the missing piece of my marketing was. The answer? A sales funnel or marketing funnel. In fact all the top earners were using one and that is what separates the professionals from the amateurs.

But I had no idea what that was in the beginning, but after I researched more, I realized I had seen a sales funnel many times, and maybe you have too!

What Exactly Is A Sales Funnel?

Well, it’s exactly that-it’s a funnel! At the top is the biggest (leads or potential buyers) and as you get down towards the bottom it gets smaller (your sales or buyers).


sales funnel

A sales funnel is taking your prospect from where they are to where you want them to be- buying your stuff! If you’ve ever been on a page and then a pop up window comes along asking for your email to get to the next page, then you have experienced the first phase of a sales funnel. It usually looks  like one of these options:

  • Teaser (ad, banner, etc) —-> Sales page
  • Teaser —-> Lead capture page (the pop-up window to put in your contact info) —->Sales page
  • Teaser —->Lead capture page —-> Relevant info (blog, article, video, etc) —–> Sales page

Keep in mind you can switch up the relevant info (and have as many as you like) and the lead capture page. Therefore you could have:

  • Teaser —>Relevant info —-> Lead capture page —>Sales page

The purpose of the sales funnel is to sift, sort, follow up with leads, and sell your products or services for you. But the great thing about this is that it’s pretty much automated once you set it up. All you would need to concentrate most on is getting traffic to your ad or capture page to bring leads into your funnel. Once you do, your follow up emails will continue to go out to your prospects; so even if they don’t buy now (or buy a lower grade product) they could buy later (or upgrade) without you having to do any extra work.

In fact that has happened to me. I had a customer by a lower grade product and then about a month or two later, bought a more expensive product, making me more commissions without me doing anything extra. Another friend of mine had the same experience. He got sales, but because of the sales funnel, had many of his customers upgrade to a higher level product, making him more money, again without doing any extra work.

Why Is A Sales Funnel Important In Business?

Now the big question is WHY?

When people buy things they go through a mental process, they don’t want to waste money on something that will NOT benefit them. Think about why you buy something. Do you buy toothpaste because you like toothpaste, or do you buy it to keep your mouth and teeth healthy? The benefit of getting toothpaste is keeping your teeth clean, not because you enjoy buying toothpaste. The same goes with any product or service. If someone joins your business what benefit is it going to give them? If they buy your products what will they get out of the products?

Interesting fact: a lot of people do not reviewbuy the 1st time around, it usually takes around 5 exposures or follow ups before they decide to purchase. If they are interested but undecided about your offer, they may go and Google it to find some information on it beforehand. Just think about it, when you’re looking for a product, do you not read the reviews and try and look for the negative? That’s just human nature!

Sales funnels build trust, especially when you keep giving them relevant information. If you are selling health products and they go from your ad to an article about your product, maybe some information, a review or testimony then to an option to go to a lead capture page with more info or a sample; that is much better than just going from the ad to the sales page.

The funnels also help to make a connection using your auto emails. You can not only bring offers to your leads, but tell your story and share many things to your email list, making that connection stronger-especially if your prospect can relate to your story. It’s kind of like dating. When you see an attractive person in pub, don’t you usually go and talk to them first before you say “Let’s go home together?” Its the same in marketing, but everyone is missing this  connection step. Instead they’re saying, “Come home with me!” (Join my team, join my opportunity!!) You’ve got to capture the attention of your prospects, engage with them, build the trust up, and then lead them to a sale if and when its right.

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All marketing professionals and internet businesses use sales funnels for their business. It helps them not only to continue to make sales, but to sort out the “tire kickers” because those people can easily unsubscribe from the funnel if they don’t want any of the offers. This is a huge time saver on your part as a marketer-you’re not wasting time on those not really interested. It saves loads of time on just about everything because it’s about 90% automated after you’ve done the work just once. Like I stated before you just concentrate on getting traffic to your offer and the rest is set!

Summary & Final Thoughts

Before I started using a funnel, I basically didn’t have any leads-no one interested in what I had to say. I was just chasing anyone I met to have a look at my stuff with zero results. Now implementing this extremely awesome tool, it has helped me greatly! I went from 0 to over 300 leads, and it continues to keep growing. That’s over 300 people who want to hear what I’ve got to say and offer!

I don’t know about you, but I’m aiming to be like the professionals in this industry. If you are too, then I invite you to have a look here at this all in one marketing sales funnel system that has helped me start building my business like the top earners.

sales funnel

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    Great post. It offers you the opportunity of building trust with your prospects. Most importantly, it is automated. Thanks for sharing.

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