Sales VS Network Marketing

Ever had the objection of “I’m not a sales-man” or “I’m not good at selling” when you present your network marketing offer? I know I’ve had that come up, and even before I actually joined network marketing, I even said that myself! I thought network marketing was just selling stuff… but in actuality there are quite a few differences between being a salesman and a network marketer, although “selling” is involved in our industry.


So today I wanted to break down a few points that make us different than the average pushy sales people, so the next time you get that objection just think about these:


In sales- It’s only the individual selling

In network marketing- It’s a team effort! You do not work alone, you are all in it together helping each other out


In sales- It’s a high ticket item with a one time sale (think of real estate or cars)

In network marketing- It’s a lower ticket item with repeat sales (health/wellness, travel, make-up products, ect)


In sales- They develop themselves to become better and acquire the skills needed for success

In network marketing- We develop ourselves AND others! We become leaders and then teach our team to become leaders so everyone can have success


In sales- They work towards retirement

In network marketing We make a living doing the things we love-sharing products/services that add value to our lives…we “Make a living-living!”


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