Secret Recruiting Technique All Top Earners Use!

Do you want to control your prospects mind?

Well then I shall give you 2 tips on how you can do just that. With the advice I’m about to give you, you can start implementing it right away in your emails, blogs, videos, Facebook posts, and your Twitter tweets!

So what is this number one paid copywriting skill that all the top earners have? It’s called copywriting. And if you get decent in this skill, you could see at least a 1% conversion increase. A 1% increase may not sound like a whole lot, but just remember this- “At 211 degrees water is hot. At 212 degrees, it boils and with boiling water, comes steam and with steam you can power a train! One extra degree makes all the difference!”

With that being said, persuasive copywriting is anything that holds your attention long enough to get your money. But you need to remember to get out your your head and into your prospects’. This is NOT about YOU, YOUR offer or YOURSELF, and it’s about THEIR THOUGHTS! (In order to do this, you must understand their innate needs.)

To control your prospects mind using QUESTIONS:

  • Anticipate your prospects questions, objections and concerns and address them at the SAME time they are thinking it! This is the key to hypnotic writing!
  • Always continually ask YOURSELF ” What is my reader thinking now?”
  • Remember language is everything! Therefore, after your “hook/promise” (usually your headline), anticipate what they will think:


“Hard to believe? Sound crazy?” (This is bad, do not make yourself sound hard to believe or crazy!)


“Sound too good to be true?” (This is good, this is most likely what they are really thinking!)

Your questions at the end for example could look like this:

“I know what you are thinking and I get it, but I don’t think I can really do this” (This is bad, you don’t want them thinking they can’t do it!)


“I know what you are thinking and I get it, but COULD I really do this?” (Good, you’re asking is it possible, could they do this?)

Always remember the word could is 100x more powerful than can.


Control your prospects mind with STORY-TELLING:

  • The offer it self is not important, but the story tagged to your offer is!
  • Story-telling slips past their mental radar and into their unconscious mind.
  • But remember that the unconscious mind is like a 7 year old! It speaks with images, metaphors and story-telling.
  • Now that you’ve tapped into that part of the mind, you are now in their head and able to control their thoughts.
  • The goal is too keep them focused on what they get from your product, service or opportunity. So base a story around what they want and desire and how they can get it from your products or opportunity.
  • In your story, don’t just push a conclusion down their throat, but rather one that naturally leads them to make a conclusion that supports your proposition (i.e. buy your stuff!)
  • Never lie when telling a story, if you haven’t had success yet, then base it on someone else success that you know! (your up-line, mentor, team member, etc.) Or tell them about the benefit someone had when taking your product.

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