Traffic Strategies-Facebook Ads VS Solo Ads

Traffic is the most important skill when trying to make money online in your business.


But there are many different methods to gain traffic to your website. Examples are:

  • Solo Ads
  • Social Media Ads
  • Media Banner Ads
  • Search Engine PPC
  • Non-search Engine PPC
  • Blogging, Etc.

However, in this blog I will focus on Facebook ads versus Solo ads. Facebook has over 1 billion, (you read that right! BILLION!) active users on their site and they have a super powerful and effective targeting capability. Not only that, but it is also performance based costing, which is great!

For those of you thinking “what’s a solo ad?” (Keep in mind I wasn’t sure either in the beginning!) A solo ad is generally where you pay someone else to market to THEIR email list sending them a recommendation of you and your link. Even though solo ads may be the easiest and possibly the fastest way to build your own list, it has some disadvantages. When you pay someone to market your link/offer, you have NO control over WHO it is marketed to and what is actually being said in the ad. With Facebook you have absolute complete control over both of these.

Facebook’s targeting can get very very specific clipart_microscopeif you want it to. You have the choice of location (Country, State or even City!), relationship status, age, interests, languages, etc So if your product is in Spanish, you can target Spanish women over 30 who live in Texas, for example. That is a very targeted, detailed niche. And the more specific your niche, the better conversion rates because you’ve got more QUALITY leads, not just anyone!

Now when you’re “defining your avatar” (in other words, creating your perfect customer) you want to target people who are already buying and enjoying products similar to the ones you are selling. These people are much more likely to buy with the least amount of complaints and the least amount of time spent convincing them to buy it, and you do not have to change their way of thinking. You already know that they are willing to spend money on this type of product, so why spend time trying to sell to someone who’s not interested in your stuff?

Other factors to remember with Facebook ads that affects your conversion rate is:

  • the image you use
  • your ad copy (the way it’s written-persuasive copy-writing)
  • the type of ad (More FB likes or go to your website/blog etc.)
  • your lead capture and sales pages if you want them to go to your website
  • your follow-up (very important! do not skip this, as this is also building rapport!!)
  • and the offer in relation to your targeting

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