3 Steps To Video Creation

It’s video creation time! Woooo, I love making videos, but it never used to be that way. In the beginning of my internet “career” I used to be down right terrified of making a video. I would forget words, lost on what the heck I was supposed to say and I’d even sweat when it came down it… just the thought of it, I’d start panicking! Over time, though, I’ve come to enjoy it, I’m still not perfect, but hey, whatever, who is?!

I read an article today that gave me 7 steps to video creation, and I will share 3 of them with you. Luckily, without knowing it, I have actually done most of the 7 things, so I guess I am on the right path. Let’s see if you are too, if not, just start implementing these steps right away on your next video. So, let’s dive in, shall we??

Video creation formula

Step 1:

Acknowledge your viewers. Everybody on planet Earth loves to be acknowledged, so as soon as your video starts, just welcome them! It’s so simple and easy but if you are new in video marketing and you’ve no idea, you could be missing this step. If people are taking the time to actually watch your stuff, then just thank them for doing so!

Step 2:

Establish credibility. Have you been published, interviewed, or have a specific training or expertise? If you do, let your viewers know this because then they’ll be like, “Oh, you must know what you’re doing” Now I know there are some new-comers in the game, (Like me-I still consider myself pretty new) so if you don’t have any of that, then just state who you are, what you do, and what problems you are able to solve. When you look at my videos, you see who I am (Marie Yovcheva) and what I do (helping you build your business better) and from my blog you see the type of problems I solve, which are internet marketing issues or network marketing tips. Simple!

Step 3:

Use a hook or cliff-hanger. Obviously we want people to watch our videos for the entire time, and not just 10 seconds of it and then click away, right? So keep your viewers engaged. The goal is to create enough curiosity for them to watch all of your video. Make sure you’ve got content that people actually need that solve their problem, something that they don’t want to miss or something that will help take their business or life to the next level. Always offer value and state why you’re making the video. Usually in mine, you hear me say something like “Today we are discussing…” “Today we will talk about…” or “Today I will share…” Very easy to do and it will let your viewers know what to expect during the video.

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