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Has your upline/mentor/coach asked you what your vision is? If you really want to make in the “Top Earner” status of your company (and stay there) you will have to “Begin with the end in mind”, which means begin with your vision.

In order for you to become a leader in your organization,  you must have a vision of what you want your future to look like.  You need to ask yourself “What does my life look like in X amount of years?” “What do I want to achieve?” “What do I really want to be doing with or in my life?” To help you answer these questions and to begin creating your vision I have four parts to get you started:

  • A compelling story– This story is of the future to capture your audience, to make them pay attention. People who hear your vision will want to become apart of it and they will be move once they hear it.
  • The image– Paint the picture here. If others could go with you into the future in X amount of years, what would they see? A well crafted vision is described in terms that are easy to visualize and remember.
  • Be achievable-Obviously you are going to stretch your reality, but you need to make it possible. It wouldn’t make sense to have a vision of being a million dollar earner in 2 weeks….but on the other hand if your future vision is to be a million dollar earner within the next 10 years, that IS achievable, of course with the work and effort put into it.
  • Future-Exactly that. It is out there at some point in time from this moment, but it isn’t so far away that is out of your reach, or your lifetime! Determine how long it will take to achieve your goals-is it 1 year, 5 years, or 15? You decide on this depending on how big your goals are.

In the end, your vision should be a beautiful picture of an achievable future, describing your journey of how you got there, the destination and what a “normal” day looks like, and will show how it is making someone’s life change for the better.

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