“What Do You Do?”

You’re building rapport and in the process the famous question of “What do you do?” comes in. Do you panic with this question, do you freeze and have no clue of how to respond to this? I used to hate this question and would try to avoid it because I didn’t know how to respond. I knew if I said “network marketing” people would automatically want to stop talking to me, at least that’s what I thought in my own head; it wasn’t always true.

I have come across a formula that has taken all the fear of answering this question… and it can work for everyone, in any company! All you need to do is

  • Give them a short answer
  • Followed by a benefit of what you do
  • Then ask them a question

This is awesome and it also takes away the focus on what you do because you’re throwing them a question back. It’s like saying “I have a home business that allows me to travel around the world, what do you do?” Even if you’re not comfortable with saying you’re into network marketing (although you should be absolutely fine with saying that) you can just insert “home business”, “internet business” or whatever you’re most comfortable saying. And as you can see, this works for everyone in any industry, no matter which company you promote.

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