Were You Cut Out To Be An Entrepreneur?

Ever thought this business wasn’t for you? Have you ever doubted whether or not you should really be in this industry? Not sure if you were meant to be an entrepreneur? Well you could be right!


Having your own business in MLM, affiliate marketing or even your own traditional business is definitely not for everybody. There are so many people that come into this industry with an employee mindset instead of an entrepreneur mindset. But when you join a business opportunity, it’s just that- a BUSINESS!

So then, how would you know if you have the entrepreneurial spirit? How can you tell if you are on the right path in your business? Below are 3 phrases/words a business minded person would never say:

  • Guarantee. This word shouldn’t exist to the business owner, because nothing is ever guaranteed. Most business owners understand that they get paid off of their results-not the time they invest into it. Some times you could go months working your butt off and not see anything until 8 months in or even longer! Entrepreneurs know this and aren’t afraid to keep going until they get the results they are seeking. So if you are thinking or if you show someone your business plan and they ask “Can you guarantee that I’ll be in profit?” then you’ll know right off hand they aren’t thinking in business terms. But don’t worry, some people are quite happy doing the 9-5 job and with having a secure guaranteed paycheck!
  • “I can’t ____” No successful business person ever used the phrase “I can’t” as an excuse-for anything. Doesn’t matter what their situation is, they would never say “I can’t afford it” “I can’t build a web page” “I can’t sell” and so on. Instead they ask “how” “How can I afford that?” “How can I build a web page?” “How can I learn the skills to sell?” And if they don’t ask how, they will ask “Where can I find someone that knows this skill?” If you ever catch yourself saying you can’t, then recognize this dis-empowering language and instead ask yourself “HOW” or “WHO” do you know that possess the skills you are looking for.
  • “I’m just not ___” Ohhh my favorite one here! How many times have I heard “I’m just not a salesman” Plenty of people have given me this excuse after I show a presentation. True entrepreneurs don’t say that. And they don’t say “I’m just not a technical person” “I’m just not a good talker” Guess what? I am NOT a techy person myself, but ya know what? I’ve build a website, set up a sales funnel, got a email campaign going and linked all that together! How? Because I didn’t think about any negative self talk about I can’t do it or I’m not good with the technical side of things-instead I studied some internet marketing, asked for help, and by trial and error have figured it out!

If you have any of these 3 examples in your head then you may not be cut out to be a true entrepreneur. If you want to be a true business owner-you need to start thinking like one! And by getting rid of those negative, self doubting phrases, you’re on the right path to thinking like a business owner.

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