Egos You Probably Didn’t Realize You Had

When you hear the word “ego” what pops in your head? For me, I always imagined someone who thought they were better than someone else and who thought they were the worlds’ gift. That is an ego, but there are many other kinds too that you may not even be aware of. Egos are all about self-condemnation and self-criticism OR  the condemnation and criticism of others. Egos cause people to stay away from you and they keep you broke.

I want to touch on a few that you may not realize are egos, but are hurting you and your business.

  • The Blame Ego: You blame everyone but yourself for things. You don’t take any responsibility for your actions. You say “my upline didn’t do this…” “my products didn’t do that…” “my teammate stole my prospect/money” ect. Understand your upline is NOT responsible for YOUR success. If you blame your products for something, guess what? You choose to sell them so you can not say your product is why you’re broke. If you’re blaming your teammate for stealing your prospect or money, guess what? You choose to work with that person. Start taking responsibility for your actions and then you will control your life.
  • The Know It All Ego: You think you already know everything there is to know. The most dangerous words you could ever say is “I know that” When you stop learning, you stop growing. Always be teachable and you will always be valuable and growing.
  • The Comfort Zone & Fearful Ego: I believe these go hand in hand. The comfort zone says “I’m okay, it’s not what I really wanted, but oh well” You stay in this because of your fear. The fearful ego says “What if…” what if it goes wrong, what if I lose my money, what will my friends think, ect. Get over your fear, get out of your comfort zone and things will change drastically!
  • The Shy Ego: This is probably very common among us networkers. We say “I’m not as bold or brave as my upline. That is why he has such great results, I just can’t go talk to people like he does” We use our shyness as an excuse as to why we aren’t having success. If you’re shy, fine, but don’t use that as to why you can’t succeed. If you talk to most people who have made it big, there are many who are introverts, including Bill Gates, Julia Roberts, David Letterman, Barbara Walters, Warren Buffett and Abraham Lincoln.

Which ego do you suffer from? Leave a comment below!

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