Network Marketing Success- 3 Tips

If you’ve ever been in a network marketing company then you probably have a good idea of how it works. You sign up, and then are put out on your own to beg friends and family to join you or buy your products or services, right? WRONG!! This was my experience in my first company, and boy was I a lost little soul. My upline was my mother in law and she had no idea of how to do it, but I was mimicking her. Then after a few months of nothingness, I found someone to show me how the whole “build the business” actually works. So I will share 3 tips with you that will help you succeed in network marketing.

Be Coachable- Listen to your upline, mentors, company training, or whoever is teaching you the system. Network marketing is designed in such a way that it is in the company’s best interest for you to succeed. That is why they have company training, so they can teach you the system, which is easily duplicate-able so all you need to do is listen, practice it, and follow the system. The wheel has already been invented, so don’t reinvent it, so to speak, just follow what you are taught.

Your Upline- That is the person who has sponsored you, or the guy above you. Are they supportive? Do they ever call and see what’s going on with you, if you need help? Have they helped you make a success plan? Are they committed to your success just as much as they are for their own? If the answer is yes to all of these questions, you probably have a pretty awesome sponsor, if your answer was no, and it seems all they did was sign you and leave you, then it’s possible either they don’t care, or they are lost themselves about how to build a long lasting foundation. If your upline isn’t helping you then you need to find a mentor somewhere to show you the business, otherwise you could be taking a long time to see how it’s done when you’re doing it alone.

Take The Leadership Role For Your Downline- Now, just as having a great upline is important, so is BEING the upline. You need to be prepared to take at minimum 30 days to teach, support, and show your new member the business. You have to “hold their hand” until they are comfortable to do it on their own. Ask yourself if you are willing and able to do that. Remember, it’s not just about recruiting and leaving; it’s about building a solid foundation and it continuing to grow.

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