Why Your Sales Funnel Doesn’t Work

Do you have a sales funnel that just doesn’t seem to be converting? You’ve gotten into a new company or program and set up your funnel, blasted it onto social media and everywhere else you can, only to find that once your lead opts-in, they don’t buy anything. That is the case with many novice marketers. And guess what- the problem isn’t product/service or company, it’s actually the WAY you set up your sales funnel.

You may have been taught a very common way of setting it up, and let me guess what that is:

Your Ad (Learn how to make X amount of money) —> Opt-in page (Get access to your FREE report/video/ebook/etc when you enter your email) —> Your sales page (Buy my stuff here!!)

Sales Funnel Buy My Stuff

Taking a look at this formula can you see it’s a pretty standard and common way of doing a sales funnel, isn’t it?? The problem here is that once a prospect lands on your sales page, they probably will not buy right away whatever you’re offering. So let’s break down the three parts here and see what the issues are.

Your Ad

First, if you want someone to click on your ad, you’re going to have to make it appealing to people. Of course if you say “Learn how to make $1,000 per day” people will click on it. But that is the problem! You’re focusing your ad on the money or how to make more money just to sell your product/service. I’ve seen plenty of people in affiliate marketing, especially, make their ad all about the cash. Ads like this are quite selfish, to be honest, because you KNOW the only reason you’re trying to get prospects to click on it is for YOU to make money, right? But don’t worry, most marketers, including myself, start off this way; as time goes on you learn what works and I’ll talk more on this after we finish discussing the other 2 parts of your sales funnel.

Your Opt In Page

The second part of your funnel is, of course, the opt in page. This is where you’re “bargaining” with your prospect to give you some of their information (email, name, number) for some type of free report, video, ebook, or something of the sort to become part of your email list. There isn’t too much wrong with this part, unless your landing page goes to something completely irrelevant. The only issue is that it is COMMON. Every marketer uses this “free” thing to grow their email list. Below I’ll tell you a different method that you can start implementing…

Your Landing/Sales Page

Okay this is mother of all issues in the sales funnel! As soon as a potential customer opts in, they go to a page that usually says “Thank you, check your email for XYZ, and Oh by the way, buy my offer while it lasts” How many times have you personally opted in, and then were trying to be sold on something? And what do you usually do-hit that little “x” to close the screen, right? I know I do. I came thru that sales funnel to get my FREE offer, not to be sold on something! Are you starting to see why your funnel may not be converting well? You are basically going to someone in the cold market and asking them to marry you! Sorry guys, but it does not work this way.

You’re probably thinking-Okay so if the standard way of making a sales funnel isn’t the best way, what is? How can I create one that will convert more leads to buyers? If you’re thinking this read on!!

Creating A Sales Funnel That Does Work

So if you want a better converting funnel, the best is to start at the beginning… with your ad. Now instead of the normal “Make money with…” I want you to teach/share something you learned. This goes with what Ray Higdon teaches- Invest, Learn, Teach. If you haven’t heard of him or this practice I HIGHLY recommend you check him out!

Your ad should say something like:

You get the idea, right? You basically learn something then take it and create content. This way you are providing VALUE. I’m sure if you’ve been in this industry for a while, you’ve heard this word used very often! This is very different than your normal ad that just simply states “Make More Money!” With this you are still grabbing your prospects attention because you still have something they want-information that they want to know, or that could help them with their business.

The second part of your sales funnel-the opt in page. As I stated before, you can still use your “Free” bargaining chip once they click on the ad to get a new email subscriber, or you can say:

  • Opt in for the transcript of this video
  • Get 3 more additional tips on XYZ when you subscribe
  • If this training helped you, opt in to download it for free!

Once your prospect has clicked on your ad, got the information you said you’d give them in the ad, your opt in offer is providing them even MORE value- with additional tips, downloadable audio of your training or the transcript of a video they saw from you. This is providing them an extra “omph” and also lets them know you’re not just creating ads and funnels to only make money, but to genuinely help them. As you can see, your opt in can come AFTER they have clicked on the ad, instead of before, like standard sales funnels.

Therefore, your last step is the sales/landing page. This should be a “Thank you” page as well as letting them know if they have questions that they can ask you and where to find you (your blog/website) Once they are on your list, have seen your blog and know who you are then, here is where you can throw in your offer.

This sales funnel formula is a bit different than the normal, but doing it this way you’ll find you’ll get more conversions because you’ve build rapport, provided value and didn’t try to sell them on something right away!

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  • Paul Farmer

    Reply Reply April 9, 2016

    Great value given here Marie. Very true if you offer real value people will want to take a look at what you have and work with you more. I can see you are really modeling Ray Higdon. He is a great guy to model for sure.

    • Marie Yovcheva

      Reply Reply April 9, 2016

      Thank you Paul! Yes I absolutely love Ray and Jessica! They were one of the first people I started to follow in this industry, so if they can do it, why couldn’t anyone else do it, right? I’m assuming you are also in the marketing industry, no?

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