The Skills That Determine Your Value

When you increase your skills, you increase your pay.  The skills you possess will determine your value in the marketplace. If you spend time developing your skills in your profession then it will eventually lead you to wealth. Unfortunately 98% of people spend most of their time doing meaningless things that will not lead to having a wealthy life.  When I first got in my business, I was only working on the 1st skill, and left out the other two. Now that I am investing time in all areas, things have started to change. If you are serious about building your profession, then work on these 3 skills and watch your business take off!

  1. Professional Skills You need to have your professional basics down, no matter what industry you’re in. Take a look at amateurs vs professionals. The only difference between a hair-salon that charges $5 per cut and the lady that charges $60 per cut is her skill level. Maybe she went and invested more time and money into her studies to gain more skills in her career so she CAN charge more. See the difference?
  2. People Skills Any business, I don’t care what industry you’re in, is all about people. You need customers (who are people) to keep your business going. So knowing how to interact with others to get what you want and knowing how to communicate effectively are a huge part in the success of your business.  Your level of influence is determined by who is going to follow and listen to you.
  3. Personal and Leadership Development If you are serious and want to be wealthy, then work harder on YOURSELF than you do on others or on your business. Guess where money comes from? Other people! So if you can create a win-win situation with people, then they will be happy to pay for you, your services or your products or whatever skill you possess that they don’t.


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