Four Elements Of Success

Wanting to succeed in your business is great, but there are certain elements you should possess if you are going to make it in your business. They are: Enthusiasm, Persistence, Belief/Faith, and Getting over things quickly.

  • Enthusiasm-Everyone is born with this but we often trade our excitement for guarantees. It’s the saying “Well I don’t want too be excited…” or “I just don’t want to get my hopes up…” By having an idea that if we aren’t too excited we think we won’t be disappointed in the end. Enthusiasm is what gives us hope in the first place! I hate to burst your bubble, but in life there are no guarantees, safety or security in anything.
  • Persistence– If you want to succeed in anything you must be persistent no matter how many times you fail or are rejected. We often trade our persistence for entertainment and being okay with being “average” or “normal”.
  • Belief/Faith– To me these go hand in hand because faith blindly believes- since faith doesn’t need any evidence or proof. You must believe that you will succeed and become whatever you desire to be or have whatever you wish. Even if right now you are not making 1 cent, your faith that soon you will be making X amount is what is going to keep you going because you have a grand vision for yourself!
  • Getting over things quickly– Now this is going to help you do things fast. I used to be so bummed out when I got rejected 5 times in 1 day that I’d want a week to recover! Now that I don’t care I can be more productive. I’ll tell you a quick story… I was talking to a lady for about a few months and even met her and her daughter. One day I called to catch up with her so I could properly show my offer (since the daughter hadn’t seen it) Anyway, when I called the person that answered said “you have the wrong number” Which of course wasn’t true, as the number was saved in my phone and we had been in contact with that number numerous times. Now I had two options-be upset for the day/week/month… or say “well, whatever, it’s water off a ducks back” and move on. I chose the second and guess what happen? Later that SAME day I had someone interested in what I do and will be coming on board with us soon! So when life hands you lemons- you best be making some lemonade!!

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