3 Invisible Time Suckers Killing Your Business

Anyone building a business should be very careful of how they are spending their time. You need to learn how to manage, leverage and use your valuable time wisely; if you don’t then one day you will wake up and realize that you have wasted a lot of precious time that has taken away from generating leads or making sales.

  1. Helping Others. Now helping others is a huge part of network marketing in particular, and I’m not saying don’t do it, but I am saying be aware of how much time you’re giving away. If you leave this unchecked, it can take up a lot of your time and people will take advantage of your help. I know I used to do this very very often, spending so much time offering help and getting nowhere with my own business. All I’m saying is be aware and set boundaries. Limit your free sessions/coaching to 15 minutes maximum, the continue to offer help at a cost that is in sync with your experience or expertise.
  2. Becoming Too Valueable. This probably is contradictory of what you’ve been told… Learn something everyday and share it, right? Well that’s great, but if you’re only going to training and webinars but not actually taking action, then you’ve just gain a bunch of knowledge for no reason. You need a balance between learning new things and implementing them. The key is to learn new things that you will use NOW to get results and then share it. Only attend webinars if you plan to use it within the next month, if you aren’t going to implement it, skip that training and spend your time getting results with what you already know.
  3. Leaving Out A Call To Action. Once you have created any kind of content, (blog, video, ad, article, post) you need to make a call to action. Too many times marketers spend time creating awesome content but have nothing to do afterwards. People need to be told what to do, don’t assume they know to “Click the link”  “Subscribe to my channel” or “Fill out the form” If you have links as your call to action, make sure they are properly working-Broken links are quite common and are a huge waste of time!

Understand that the first step is observing what is eating your time, then correcting it.

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